Now you will see that the episode starts with August and asks Pushpa or Gudan is it right? Then does it say that I have just come out of Gudan, but the doctor has said that it will take some time to recover completely.

After that, trying to open a parcel kept in August, but some work says that you open this packet later, before you come fresh. After that Pushpa and his gang come to the room in a hurry and open the packet and see what is in it, there is a hockey stick in that packet.

Seeing this, they all go to the Chowk. They all find out that Guddan is behind all this and start planning how to kill Agastya and the police to escape Gundan. Because Guddan has seen them all, and then he reaches all the people in Gudden’s room and threatens him that you don’t know us, you stop all this drama and get up quickly. Then we see,

That people say that you wait out, I just come and do all the work of Guddan and he says that I will stop his breath now and that’s how Guddan will end. Then we see that August is back in the hospital and asks Pushpa why you are so nervous.

So Pushpa responds to him and says that Kundan is in. Chhoti goes to the room to check Guddan and feels comfortable that he is relieved when he finds Guddan completely fine and then thanks him He does it to protect Guddan. Then we see Pushpa go home with an excuse.

And says that I will pray for Gudan in front of God. Then we see that Agastya worried this warning to the goddess’s parents and said that she should be fully recovered now and now your parents too Gudden begs me to get up and talk with him, but Gudden does not respond to his words.

Then we see that Guddan comes to Guddan in the hospital and sees that Guddan shares all his memories with Chetty Guddan and is happy. Then what does Guddon say that you are alone? Your mother is always with you for protection. And now look, all is well and will be fine because your mother is with you there. Smile comes on Guddan’s face.