Scene begins with Niya fears by observing Choti Guddan in her room and yells for Pushpa. Pushpa goes to Niya’s room and inquires as to why are yelling if Rashi or Arushi tune in to your sounds all that will go to no end.

Niya says she seen Choti Guddan in her room, Pushpa and Gang don’t trust her! Saru Maa impressions of somebody in room and gets dread by observing them, Sona says Choti Guddan is  at medical clinic that to in Coma how might she come here? Sona says in fear  are these impressions has a place with some villain for sure? Pushpa reprimands Sona and calls Agastya to enquire about Choti Guddan! Agastya says no Mom she isn’t fine and I can’t see her in this condition any longer Mom and starts crying, Pushpa supports him and gets some information about Guddan wellbeing to her and keeps the telephone.

Pushpa says Niya is in clinic just she not came here it’s your deception just now rest. Sona says at that point regarding this impressions jiji no something isn’t right and moves to window to see is somebody is there outside! Sona sees a woman strolling alone out and about in white saree, Pushpa and Gang goes looking for that ladies however not discover anybody. Agastya appeals to God to make Guddan and his youngster fine at the earliest opportunity and starts chatting with Guddan you are bold Choti Guddan like your mom! You are a contender I realize you will battle with God and return back to me.

Agastya sees Choti Guddan heart beat is falling and get’s frenzy, specialist gives treatment and Guddan gets typical, Agastya thanks specialist and kisses Choti Guddan on her brow. Agastya says I realize you are a warrior and you will return to me, you’re beam of our life Guddan please become fine soon and says specialist listened heart beat vof our child and you need to tune in to infant heart beat right, I will cause you to tune in and takes stech scope, cause Choti Guddan to listen infant heart beat.

Guddan open her eyes, Agastya feels thrilled by observing Guddan and calls specialist to check Guddan! Specialist says she needs an ideal opportunity to get every one of her faculties back you don’t stress Mr Agastya. Agastya keeps chatting with Guddan and says I realize you will converse with me very soon ( melody plays in foundation).

Pushpa is in her room and figures she can hardly wait any longer now, I need to listen passing information on Guddan at the earliest opportunity. Pushpa sees something composed on her tea cup and peruses it qubool karo( Accept it), then again Sona comes infront of mirror to prepare and sees a note set on mirror and peruses it Tum Charo Ne( you four individuals), Niya finds a letter and peruses it Guddan ko Buri Tarika se Mara He( you beat Guddan to death) where as Saru Maa considers a to be as Qubool karo ( Accept it) while performing pooja.

Every one of them four gets dread and offers everything to one another and begins orchestrating the message i.e Accept it you four individuals beat Guddan to death and caused her fell into trance like state to acknowledge it! Sona says somebody knew this fact and starts questioning Saru Maa! The two beginnings contending with one another, Pushpa gets bother by there battling and discovers somebody presence in the house. Pushpa every one of them to quit battling, first we need to discover who is behind this and goes looking for that ladies, enquiries guardian do you permitted any one inside before 15 minutes prior!

Guardian says yes Madam a few ladies came in saree to meet you since I am new here I felt she is your connection and send her inside! Niya shows Guddan photograph and asks gatekeeper would she say she is that lady? Guard says yes Madam , Niya says in any event you individuals trust me now! Pushpa says on the off chance that Guddan is here in the house, at that point who is in medical clinic! Scene closes on stunning face of Pushpa.