You’ll see that Gudan starts with Puspa asking what Nia is doing here, and then tells him to go out. Pushpa then says that you will understand everything very soon but before I get pregnant I thank you for being magic and have forgiven me so easily and have given me one more chance. Sending you out of Agastya’s house and made our work easy.

He then says that before he has gone against me for you. And yet the same thing happened do you think I will leave it so easily, you do not want to break the family. But it seems to me that what you guys have done at this time is the biggest mistake in your life and you have removed the mother’s position from there and surrounded Guddan with her.

There Gudden Pushpa, on the other hand, was stunned to see Nia Sona and Sharma together, and calls August for help. Pushpa then says that you think you will call August and he runs to save you. Then they all start beating Guddan and they all target Gudden and beat him up.

After that Guddan also did not sit silent, he exerted his full force and attacked them vigorously and escaped from there. Everybody starts looking for Guddan and saw Guddan’s house sticking out of the temple. Is that I should run away from here as soon as possible and I try to run away but she can’t run away due to leg pain

Then we will see that Agastya calls Gudan but Guddan cannot pick up his phone in any way and then we see that Guddan somehow reaches home and faints, after that August is there and he comes and It is revealed that Guddan is injured and lying unconscious and then quickly rushes him to the hospital and says that Guddan will do nothing to you.

Then we see that August’s mother says that I love it for Guddan I will be saved from it even if I have to take Gudan’s life for this. After that everyone comes to the hospital and Guddan is lying unconscious, then since August, Gudan is talking that she is a very strong girl. Can’t believe she will be all right and she is a fighter.

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Her mother tries to silence her but he again says that all of you go to Ghat. I will be with Guddan today and he stays the night with Guddan. Hai also says that all this has happened because of me, it is because of me that Guddan’s condition has happened. He is happy to see and he also laughs at Guddan.