Now you will see that Guddan says that I do not want to break up your family because I do not want to keep my child away from her father’s love at all. Then we see that she says that I want to take care of that child Only do her parents because I know the pain without parenthood and I have stayed away from this relationship and I want to continue this relationship but I also have a condition.

And my condition is that you will have to marry me legally and secondly I have to give all the rights of the wife, on this terrace I will stay in this house and get married. Then Pushpa said that I agree with this at all. Am not Then August or says that I fully govern it and I am ready to give you all the rights and henceforth it is my duty to be ready to perform the duty towards the husband and to avoid every obstacle in my life.

Then we see that he says if someone shouts at me it will not be good, then I say that Gudan husband would like to hurt her in any way. And then he says that this is the first Diwali after our marriage and our Not to begin with this Diwali, after that Agastya and Guddan also do RJ of Lord Krishna together and after that Agastya promised that I will keep protecting this smile of yours for life, I remembered all the Yadavs in Gudan.

Sona says that I cannot believe that Pushpa has changed this change in a single day and she will not do anything without profit. Pushpa comes there. And she says that I was right. And she says that if someone is going to benefit then it means that it is only for me Sona asks her that I am not getting what you were saying Pushpa tells them that you just wait and See what is going to happen to Guddan tonight, Sona says forgive me but what are you going to do with JG tonight. That is why her mother says that tonight is going to be a dark night in Guddan’s life and she starts smiling.

Guddan comes down and starts looking for Pushpa and Pushpa follows him and tells him that I am only Guddan here asks Guddu that your friends have not come for the card party yet Pushpa says that my Friend has to go, Sharma follows the pillar and follows Chhoti Guddan and says how are you Neha also comes there. Guddan sees Riya and gets tense and starts asking Pushpa what the new Joe is doing. Tells Mian to leave the house. Pushpa says that you will understand everything in a few minutes to Guddan, that’s why but first I want to thank you for getting pregnant and forgive me so easily. The episode ends.