Scene begins with Guddan says Niya how could you to enter this again in the wake of getting affronts too. Niya says I feel sorry for you Guddan you live in your misinterpretation world! Alright don’t stress let me help you first this isn’t your home, second you reserve no options to state get out from this house and this house has a place with me. Guddan says do you think I am a blockhead to trust you whatever you state? We should Agastya come he will show you a thing or two.

Niya says great we should Agastya come! Here Agastya seen driving the vehicle imprudently to arrive at Guddan and needs to uncover truth without anyone else before she becomes acquainted with by somebody. Guddan hauls Niya to through her out of the house, Niya stops her and says this house has a place with me in light of the fact that my better half goes out.

Guddan are you out of psyche and says to get out from here. Everybody comes out by tuning in there voices,  Guddan asks Pushpa to state Niya escape our home, she isn’t tuning in to me you just state her. Pushpa  grins at Niya and says I won’t all through Niya out of this house and you listened right just , she ( Niya) is just lawful spouse of Agastya and Daughter In Law of this house. Guddan gets staggered by hearing Pushpa words ( dismal music plays in foundation) and I get worn out every one of these days by playing show and I did this for unborn child filling in your belly at the present time and be cautious I would prefer not to hurt my grandkid.

You know Niya as of now yet know complete name of Niya ? Alright let me help you Niya Govind Mittal just little girl of one of the wealthiest man in Indore. I realize you don’t get anything let me clarify you obviously that is God honored Niya with all the fixings however she can’t become Mom ever, so I need a guiltless young lady who brings forth beneficiary of Birla family and by observing you I comprehended you are that young lady.

However, I required an individual who knows all through Jindal house and sees Saru Maa, Saru Maa says your DJ not did great with me ten years back and aftereffect of it you are seeing at this point! Nobody is there to help you since your DJ and Aarav sibling left  to your town after your marriage  and giggles evilly! Agastya enters and says I am there for her and Guddan has a place with me.

Pushpa says remember we both arranged this! Agastya says not our it’s your evil arrangement I don’t have any hand in it. Agastya demands Guddan to trust him and discloses everything to Guddan. Guddan says I don’t trust you ever Agastya and asks what I did with you? You are disturbing me like this, Agastya attempts to trust her.

Guddan cautions Pushpa she won’t give her youngster to anybody you get it. Agastya underpins Guddan and says choice on this is just has a place with me and Guddan. Niya asks what are you saying Agastya I am your significant other not this Guddan! Agastya says no our marriage is only an arrangement for business advancement and here it’s legal documents and handover to Niya, I previously marked on it presently it’s your turn.

Niya blows up and attempts to hurt Guddan by hitting her, Agastya come in the middle of and spares her and says you can do anything you desire with me yet don’t attempt to hurt my Guddan. Agastya makes Niya sign on Divorce papers by keeping blade on her neck. Niya signs on legal documents in dread.

Guddan strolls crushed by recollecting Pushpa words and cries hopelessly, Agastya comes there and attempts to appease her however Guddan don’t trust Agastya. Guddan says you know it all while wedding me right at that point how might you do this much with me? Agastya says I realize I fouled up with you yet please trust me I truly love you and I will shield you from everybody and unborn youngster additionally on the off chance that it required I will give my life likewise to ensure our kid Guddan please trust me and goes from that point ( pitiful tune plays in foundation). Agastya chooses to take off from the house, Pushy attempts to stop him however he don’t tune in to Pushpa.

Guddan stops him by saying I don’t know if I can overlook everything except for I realize this a lot whatever occurrence isn’t right however we as a whole are family and I would prefer not to break it that without any problem. I cherished you really and wedded you now I am turning out to be Mother of your youngster and I am prepared to give this response a possibility again however on one condition! Scene finishes here