In Guddan tumse na ho payega you will see that, she starts trying to pull him out of Chetia’s house. But India says that the house belongs to her because her husband also lives in it, is just a true daughter-in-law and has been the first wife of August or even.

Apart from this, Pushpa has stated that the act was staged so that he could also get a grandson and successor to the Birla family. After that we see that when Saraswati Jayanti is making fun of Gudan, Aditya said that this will be Pushpa’s plan.

And then we see that he also refuses Guddan to trust him and tells Pushpa that she will not give her baby to anyone, after which Agastya also supports Gudan and says that the child He is related to them and also gives Mian a divorce papers. After that we give that he slaps the others vigorously.

When she arrives at Gudan to save her injury, she is forced to sign the divorce papers. We later see that August 1 goes to the disastrous little Gudden and promises him to protect his love and his child.

Guddan tumse na ho payega 12 November 2020 written update

We then see that he is also pleading for Gudden’s forgiveness, but when he does not respond at all, he goes to leave the house to stop Gudan to make him more upset. It is seen that Chetty Guddan stops her from leaving and says that he wants to stay in this marriage but she also has a condition.