Next you see that Agastya says that Guddu will remain, he comes very close to him and Agastya tells him that you look like the most beautiful girl to me and you are my Guddu. The two become very close to each other. Then it is morning.

Then Guddan wakes up the next morning, he looks for his glasses, then Guddan remembers what happened last night. Then we see Gudden saying what is going on. Then August or tells him where I have a good morning kiss.

Gudden then says that he is already 8. After that Gudan apologizes to her and says that I have been a while, then Pushpa says that you have not even gone to DIL with my daughter.

He says stop saying sorry every time and Gudden says thank you very much to Lord Krishna for giving me a husband like Agastya. Then she thinks in my heart that my mission is going to succeed very soon.

Then we see that Guddu is preparing for the festival of Diwali and also cleansing. He again says if I should help you, Guddu tells him that I like to do things for Diwali myself. No help is needed. You can lighten the dias.

Then he says that yes definitely. Then we see that Naya is looking at the flower and says that she also sees Kato and says that your greatest happiness will become your curse on Diwali. And see how your life is ruined.

And on the other side she is going through Rangoli, then Agastya says that you always keep this way of my life. Then he says that I will do everything except change the diaper, do this work, then Guddan says that we both After this will work, Pushpa is playing Brahma and she comes there and she is very happy.

Pushpa then says that you guys did all this to show your anger and I am playing this drum to show my happiness. Then we see that Agastya preaches the best flowers. And he says love is the most beautiful thing and every day is Diwali when you love each other. After that Aarushi comes.

And she says what have you done, dropped all the phones. Arushi again says that nothing is going right in the house. Then it is August that tells her that Guddan knows everything. Aarushi says that no Guddan does not know anything yet she is still living in the dark and she has it Don’t even know that’s great.