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Episode begins with Niya entering the room of Guddan and thinking in her mind that today I will do what I am not able to do. She sprays a liquid near the nose of Choti Guddan and says that within some minutes you will be unconscious in your sleep only and after that it will be easy for me to do for what I came here.

She packs Guddan in a suitcase and is about to leave the room when Agastya comes there and says to Niya what are you doing here? He didn’t expect her to pack Guddan in her bag and asked her to leave from there as soon as possible. As she is well aware of the consequences if Agastya gets to know what she is up to. Sona meets Niya while she is going out of the house and she doubted her too and asks to show what is in her bag.

Agastya comes and asks his aunty to let her go from the house. Pushpa is getting added because guddan is missing from the house and she thinks that I shouldn’t take her lightly because she is capable of reaching the place where her mother is kept. Agastya comes and says I am going to the police to file a complaint for guddan when Mani says let us go for a search in drive first and then we can definitely go for a complaint lodge.

Niya informs Pushpa that she has kidnapped guddan and brings her along with her to a safe place. She asks Pushpa not to worry about anything else she will handle things on her own. Pushpa hangs the call and as soon as she turns back she gets shocked to see Guddan is standing just behind her.

Choti asks her not to get stressed so much as health can be affected and offers her water. She says I know things are getting so confusing for you but I can help you out to solve the confusion that is gathering your mind. She explained what all she has done with Niya and how she got out of that trap. She said that I know no you people and not expecting me to do all this but now this is how it is now.

She offers Pushpa a deal with her and says that you can make a deal with me regarding this and can get back your lovable daughter-in-law Niya back. She says I have an idea for you that is you can keep your Niya with you but you have to tell me about the location of my mother. puspa declines to strike any deal with her and save that I cannot let you know about your mother. You can do whatever you want with Niya and I have no issues with that.

Choti says I am not surprised with this reply of yours because you really don’t care for anybody else rather than yourself so that is why I have a backup plan as well. She says that there is a surprise coming in your way shortly and Pushpa gets to hear a door bell.

Guddan asks her to go and see the home delivery for herself. Pushpa opened the door and gets shocked to see the parents of Niya arrived at her doorsteps and asking about her daughter Niya. Pushpa looks at Guddan as she trapped her completely.

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