Sai tells she will not eat food in this house till her grant cash comes. Ninad tells when somebody commits an error she must be rebuffed. Mohit discloses to Virat whatever is going on with Sai isn’t right. Sai gets some information about her,she tells she isn’t feeling awful in light of the fact that she isn’t an individual from the family. Mohit advises you resemble my more youthful sister,you took care of me that day and today the equivalent is occurring with you. I will carry nourishment for you with my brought in cash, nobody has the privilege on it.

Sonali asks Mohit not. Mohit tells he doesn’t mind who will feel bad,he will bring nourishment for Sai. Mohit mentions to Virat what is the utilization of contemplating and turning into an IPS official when he was unable to try and be a decent human. Virat discloses to Mohit not to bring nourishment for Sai today. Mohit tells nobody can stop him today.

Sai tells there is somebody who really focuses on her and starts crying. Bhavani tells today I will eat with harmony after so numerous days,I said that day isn’t far when Virat will remain against Sai. Ninad tells in any event, chatting with Sai is an issue. Pakhi reveals to Virat perhaps remaining against Sai today yet they will fix up again tomorrow. Sonali tells the fire of the present battle won’t quench soon. Pakhi tells she isn’t eager. Karishma discloses to Pakhi how might she eat when Virat hasn’t ate since morning. Bhavani acclaims Pakhi and goes to God for her.

Devyani gives her chocolate to Sai. Devyani reveals to you know my better half’s name,please don’t hurt him or me. Sai reveals to I need to bring joy for you however my expectation is done. Sai asks Devyani who revealed to you that Pulkit is hitched. Devyani discloses to Bhavani advised me and Ninad wager him part. Ninad asks Devyani not to converse with Sai and aks her to get back to her room.

Sai thinks Pulkit has a little upbeat family. Virat recalls Sai giving his cash to her,he needed to take Sai for lunch yet now he may always be unable to excuse her. Pakhi brings nourishment for Virat,he explains for what reason are you bringing food over and over for me. He advises her to let him be for quite a while. Ashwini advises Pakhi to petition God for her own better half’s return as opposed to looking at another person’s significant other.

Ashwini reveals to Virat that he got out of hand with Sai today. She tells Sai is as yet a kid yet you are developed. You held her hand,I never anticipated that you should act so low. How are you going to pardon yourself for this? Ashwini tells I am not telling Sai was correct yet you were certainly correct. She tells today you made her understand that the cash she has is his. Virat tells she was being difficult and I blew up. Ashwini determines shouldn’t something be said about Sai,can’t she blow up?

She advises I didn’t need her to go to teacher today yet she can blow up to. Virat educates I was stressed concerning her,I knew nothing about that educator. Ashwini reveals to Sai knows to separate from great and awful and that is the reason she consented to meet him.

Ashwini reveals to Sai advised you to go with Pakhi to Ladakh and she even apologized to Pakhi when she dropped the excursion. She didn’t ask Pakhi anything neither did she ask you anything. Virat thinks perhaps aai is right,I talked excessively.

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