Virat demands Usha to go with Sayi as she is heading off to another house among new individuals. Usha asks how might she remain in little girl’s home. Sayi says she is correct, so she shouldn’t go with them. Usha says she won’t come. Virat says no one comprehends Sayi better than her, Sayi talks wrongly out of frustration and takes wrong choices, so she shouldn’t trouble and go with them. Pakhi sees him sitting in vehicle. Pawar, Sulochana, and Milind likewise demand Usha to come to help Sayi. Usha concurs and gets into another vehicle. Bright drives vehicle with Pakhi in front seat and Virat/Sayi in rearward sitting arrangement. Vehicle seizes speed braker. Sayi holds Virats shoulder. Pakhi sees that. They arrive at home. Virat opens vehicle for Sayi. Pakhi gets more envious seeing that.

Ashwini with Saloni gets ready nourishment for Virat saying her child is coming after quite a while and she is setting up his number one dishes. Bhavani strolls in and inquires as to whether everything is finished. Ashwini mumbles she will cook if Bhavani begins remarking. Bhavani inquires as to whether she said something. Ashwini focuses at dish. Bhavani says its kasuri methi’s smell. Virat with Sayi and others strolls close to entryway. Bhavani with Ashwini and Saloni stands holding pooja thali and seeing Sayi asks who is this young lady, on the off chance that she is Mohit’s dramatization organization entertainer. Karishma says she is Virat’s significant other. Badimaa cautions her quit talking junk and dare not talk like that even in joke. Mohit says Karishma is telling truth. Omkar says Virat will never conflict with family. Ninad asks Virat what are they saying. Virat says he heard right, he wedded Sayi. Karishma and Mohit grin seeing family in stun. Bhavani drops aarti thali and yells that she can’t figure her number one child can do this, orders Sayi to go challenge not go into her home as she doesn’t acknowledge this marriage and this young lady. Virat advises her that he used to talk about Kamal Joshi sir’s name during his IPS preparing, Sayi is his girl. Bhavani says whoever’s girl she might be. Virat says Kamal took slug on himself and relinquished himself to spare his life. Bhavani says she paid that obligation by wedding this young lady. He says its is his obligation and he wedded Sayi to satisfy his duty. she would have given Sayi some cash or got her some preparation all things considered, he spoilt Chavan family’s name by wedding a non-Maratha young lady.

Mansi strolls in inquiring as to whether Virat can and cries that he wedded when Samrat is missing. Saloni says Bhavani admonishes Mohit even now for wedding a non-Maratha young lady. Bhavani says she will keep insulting them, effectively 2 inept ladies are available here and another joined. Ninad says he didn’t expect this from Virat. Virat says Ninad instructed him to follow his obligation and depicts such Sayi’s reality is out of resentment even now and she was abducted by Jagtap and his dad Vithal consistently, Jagtap executed Kamal, so he wouldn’t have disregarded Sayi. Ninad says he would have given her police security as opposed to wedding Sayi, he did this as he needed to wed her. Virat says he didn’t expect this from him and figured he would uphold him generally, whatever he did is correct and he took a correct choice.

Precap: Bhavan reports that she doesn’t acknowledge this marriage. Ashwini says she is Virat’s mom and acknowledges this wedding.