Pari approaches Virat to bring Sai here for her birthday. Virat tells Sai hasn’t eaten a single thing from the previous evening. Usha says Virat is so stressed over Sai and starts crying. Virat says would you say you are not accompanying us? Sai may require you as everybody is new there. Usha says by what method will I go to my girl’s parents in law house. Sai says there is no requirement for you to accompany me.

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 28th November 2020 Episode 47 Update

Precap – Virat arrives at Chavan house with everybody. Karishma presents Sai as Virat’s significant other. Bhavani blows up and asks her not to do such jokes. Virat says this isn’t a joke he wedded Sai. Aarti ki Thaali tumbles from Bhavani’s hand and she yells at Sai to leave here on the double at this point.