Pakhi says Virat on the off chance that you needed to break this guarantee for what reason did you do it. Virat says I just took her total responsibility,try to get me. Pakhi says you just wedded her,she is your better half. She says you are much the same as the rest. Virat says perhaps I can’t cause you to trust you today yet one day will come when you will realize that for me your guarantee and you are truly exceptional.

Mohit calls Bhavani Kaku and is going to inform her regarding Virat’s marriage yet Virat takes the telephone and reveals to her we as a whole are returning tomorrow. Virat advises Mohit and Karishma to not illuminate anybody about the marriage,tomorrow we will arrive at home and educate everybody. Mohit says everybody at home realizes that you and Pakhi know each other from before than for what reason did you call just Pakhi in marriage,Virat says I will answer everybody.

Bright says I am truly hungry,Milind says everybody to come for eating. Virat says Sai to come and eat. Sai says I am not harmed as you disclosed to me everything unmistakably except you plainly hurt Pakhi and you ought to apologize to her. Sai says I will never separate your and Pakhi’s connection. Virat says you have a few duties towards my family.

Sai inquires as to for what reason did you reveal to me not to anticipate a single thing from you? Is it since you and Pakhi are simply companions. Virat presents Pakhi and Sai. Pakhi says I know her and praises her for garnish twelfth. Sai says I am not inclination well I will take rest. Sai says Virat sir may have educated you about the circumstance regarding this marriage on the grounds that my dad is dead. Sai requests that they leave as she needs to remain alone.

Sai gets her dad’s potrait and starts sobbing. She state’s presently even my personality is changed before I was your girl now I am somebody’s significant other. I don’t have a clue what divert my life will take from here. Sai’s bidai starts and her auntie reveals to her that now her parents in law house is her new family. Pakhi is crying seeing Virat and Sai. Karishma says I am anxious to watch the bomb impact at home.

Sai says I need to take off from my home on account of all of you yet now I need to leave here. Indeed, even my tears have dried now,why would you say you are harmed in the event that I am leaving here today yesterday for what reason would you say you were all so glad? I am furious with you all I dont ever need to see anybody again. Pari comes and inquires as to whether you are furious with me as well. Sai embraces her and takes blossoms from her. Sai says I never need to rememember Gadchiroli.

Pari approaches Virat to bring Sai here for her birthday. Virat tells Sai hasn’t eaten a single thing from the previous evening. Usha says Virat is so stressed over Sai and starts crying. Virat says would you say you are not accompanying us? Sai may require you as everybody is new there. Usha says by what method will I go to my girl’s parents in law house. Sai says there is no requirement for you to accompany me.