Savi and Ishaan are finally starting to feel like they can relax and enjoy their new life together.

Savi’s family has finally come to accept her marriage, and the rumors about her have died down.

Ishaan is starting to adjust to his new role as a husband, and Savi is starting to feel more confident in herself.

The couple is looking forward to the future and to building a life together.

However, their happiness is threatened by the arrival of a new character, a woman named Maya.

Maya is a beautiful and charming woman who is immediately drawn to Ishaan.

She starts to flirt with him, and he is initially flattered by her attention.

However, Savi is suspicious of Maya, and she warns Ishaan to be careful.

Ishaan assures Savi that he is not interested in Maya, but she is not convinced.

Maya’s arrival is a major test for Ishaan and Savi’s relationship.

If Ishaan is not careful, he could fall for Maya and destroy his marriage.

In the meantime, Kiran is still plotting revenge. He is determined to destroy Ishaan and Savi’s marriage, even if it means hurting Savi.

He starts to target Savi’s job. He tells her boss that Savi is not a good employee and that she should be fired.

Savi’s boss is initially hesitant to believe Kiran, but he eventually starts to doubt Savi.

Savi is worried about losing her job. She is working hard to prove herself, but she is not sure if she will be able to do it.

Ishaan is supportive of Savi. He tells her that he believes in her and that she will be able to keep her job.

Savi is grateful for Ishaan’s support. She knows that she can count on him no matter what.

The couple is facing a number of challenges, but they are determined to overcome them.

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