Savi is worried about the rumors. She is afraid that they will ruin her relationship with Ishaan.

Ishaan assures Savi that he loves her and that he will not let the rumors come between them.

The couple decides to ignore the rumors. They focus on their love for each other and on building their new life together.

The rumors start to die down, but they leave a lasting impression on Savi. She is still worried about what people think of her.

Ishaan is supportive of Savi. He tells her that she should not let the rumors get to her.

Savi starts to rebuild her confidence. She is determined to prove to everyone that she is a good person and that she deserves to be happy.

In the meantime, Kiran is still plotting revenge. He is determined to destroy Ishaan and Savi’s marriage.

He starts to target Savi’s family. He tells them that Savi is a gold digger and that she is only marrying Ishaan for his money.

Savi’s family is shocked by the rumors. They are worried about Savi and they want to protect her.

Savi’s mother, Lalita, confronts Savi. She tells Savi that she is worried about her and that she wants her to come home.

Savi is upset by her mother’s reaction. She feels like her mother does not trust her.

Ishaan is also upset by Lalita’s reaction. He feels like she is judging Savi without even knowing her.

The couple decides to go to Savi’s house to talk to her family. They want to clear up the rumors and to show them that their love is real.

Savi’s family is initially hesitant to meet with them, but they eventually agree.

Ishaan and Savi tell Savi’s family about their love for each other. They also tell them that the rumors are not true.

Savi’s family is initially skeptical, but they eventually start to believe them.

They apologize to Savi for not trusting her. They tell her that they love her and that they want her to be happy.

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