Today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 22nd October 2023 starts with Ishaan approaching Bhosale residence thinking that Dhruva has insulted him as he has a tendency to insult Savi.

Meanwhile, Surekha asks her family to gather in the hall as she has an important announcement and Shantanu and others arrive.

After some time, Surekha tells her family that she is going to marry Ishaan before Dhruva and Shantanu and others are shocked and turn her eyes on Surekha.

Seeing everyone shocked, Surekha asks what happened to her family. Shantanu asks Surekha if she asked Ishaan about her decision.

Shantanu further asks Surekha if she asked for her and Isha, but Surekha scoffs at Shantanu and says that she will do whatever she wants, and that she is the same as her mother whom Isha ran away from. She added that she had fulfilled all her obligations.

After Ishaan comes and says there is no need to look for a marriage partner and shows Savi’s photo, Surekha tells the family that she will find a suitable partner for Ishaan.

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