Starts With Virat disclosing to Pakhi that everybody adores her in the family while Pakhi inquires as to whether he really focuses on her. Afterward, Virat says to Pakhi that everything gets to typical once Samrat returns while Pakhi tells that she has no expect Samrat’s appearance.

Virat further requests that Pakhi be solid to which Pakhi says him to go to his room and leaves. Then, Sai is concentrating in her room and Virat brings her the food. Afterward, Virat sits alongside Sai and treats her hypersensitivity with a great deal of care while Sai feels moved by his demonstration.

Simultaneously, Virat tells that Ashwini has sent heating pop and the nourishment for her and Sai feels exceptionally honored for having a particularly mindful relative. Afterward, Sai says that she cherishes one more individual in the house while Virat gets energized that she will say his name yet when it ends up being Devyani, Virat gets infuriated.

Virat further finds out if she cherishes him which causes Sai to feel astonished yet she answers amusingly that it would be in his fantasies. In the interim, Sai gets exceptionally enthusiastic when Virat takes care of her food, she shouts out. Virat says that he loves taking care of her with his hands.

At the point when Sai says that she applied Alta just for Ashwini then Virat attempts to test her sanity and makes an entertaining scene to which Sai responds adorably. Afterward, Virat gets some information about Aniket out of nowhere while Sai examines him regarding seeing the police at her school. Virat astutely deals with the circumstance.

Sai cutting vegetable in the kitchen while Ashwini and Pakhi come there. Sai expresses gratitude toward Ashwini for sending heating soft drink the previous evening while Ashwini retells her communication with Virat the earlier evening.

Pakhi consumes her fingers while Ashwini cautions her to zero in on her matter’s just while Sai offers to serve the tea to family. Housemates drink the tea and make harsh countenances understanding that there is salt in it and insult Sai for it feeling that she made the tea. In any case, Ashwini uncovers that Pakhi made the tea and insults Bhavani for being one-sided towards Pakhi.

Virat sees a young lady crying at the tea slow down and discovers that her dad hasn’t returned for 30 minutes while she uncovers that her name is Viji and his dad’s name is Samrat. Then, Sai goes with Pulkit to get a book and unintentionally the photos of him and Devyani tumble from his journal falls. Sai is going to get it however Pulkit takes it after which Sai and leaves. In the interim, Virat converses with Viji while an official comes there and illuminates him that Samrat Jadhav has blacked out and is taken to the city emergency clinic.

Sai takes a gander at an image of Virat on the paper while Aniket says uncovers that it is a similar official who cautioned him to mind his own business. Specialist said to virat samrat in still in oblivious, Virat said to specialist on the off chance that anything needs I will help you. Later Ninad asking to  mohit for what good reason you are not went to the workplace. At that point mohit says I will leave the work since I can not have a period playing out the show. At that point ninad furious on mohit due to natak you quit the place of employment yet how might you feed your family. Likewise, omkar get together with ninad said to mohit we should gain from virat.

At that point bhawani said to mithun you should join the work and purchase in the event that anything karishma needs. At that point karishma said to bhawani if mohit leave the positions why you asking me. Around then patralekha, ashiwini comes to first floor, Bhawani said to karishma when I’m irate on patralekha she can’t replay. Karishma said on the grounds that nobody care about patralekha. Saloni said to her girl in-law don’t talk on bhawani.

After that ashwini said to bhawani if it’s not too much trouble, think and talk in light of the fact that karishma is little girl in-law of this house. Around then saloni said if it’s not too much trouble, quiet, omkar furious on karishma and karishma crying. Later patralekha asking to karishma kindly don’t crying and asking to everybody sorry. Bhawani said it’s to late and I will educated mohit with in seven days at any expense land the position other savvy we can not help you.

In past scene sayi educated to ashwini virat strongly requesting that I eat food. Around then patralekha entered to the kitchen and listen what ashwini and sayi talking. Later patralekha planning tea for relatives however when she attempt to lift the bowl she’s fingers consumes somewhat as a result of eat. At that point ashwini said to patralekha don’t think others when talking. Around then sayi asking to patralekha I will offered tea to everybody, patralekha acknowledged for that.

After that sayi given tea everybody and said to her why you utilize salt in the tea and reproves her. Ahswini said to bhawani patralekha setting up the tea and everybody silents in the wake of listening the ashwini words. At that point bhawani underpins patralekha and said to relatives when samrat missing she consider him. Opposite end virat when went to office perceived little child name is viji. At that point asking to her what occur, Viji said my father is absent. At that point virat asking to constable check CCTV film.

Later virat know viji father at medical clinic. Around then sayi know virat goes to her school and said to aniket should focus on his work. At that point sayi telephone to virat and asking to him for what good reason you go to my school yet virat cut the telephone. virat said to sayi I can not eat like this till the date. At that viji awaken and asking to virat I feel hungry and asking to virat who is she. Sayi says iam his better half, Virat said sorry to his significant other. At that point sayi asking to virat for what valid reason you cut my call. Virat says I can’t get your call/Then viji said to sayi I will cut the call since I will play the game. Around then specialist comes to virat said to him understanding gets cognizant.

At home sonali said to family at first samrat missing now virat. Ashwini said to saloni don’t say this way. Bhawani irate on sayi in light of the fact that she not consider her significant other till not re-visitation of home. At clinic samrat expressed profound gratitude to virat. Virat asking to samrat here in the city anybody is their. Samrat says yes my sister malathi is their please educated to her. At that point virat educated to her and retutn to home with spouse. Once virat get back to home bhawani, pakhi asking to him where are you going in light of the fact that we are feel strain.

At that point virat said why you feel pressure since I’m police. Bhawani irate on virat, sayi and ninad asking to bhawani if it’s not too much trouble, let him leave them. Around then sayi said to bhawani he can’t do anything incorrectly on the grounds that he his working and I will taken nourishment for him. Ashwini educated to relatives I know sayi not fouled up and as a result of patralekha we are completely fell pressure. After that virat, sayi went to their rooms.

Once arrived at the their room sayi asking to virat aniket tallness. Virat says how might I know. Around then sayi wear virat cap and asking to him how about we come clean with me now. At that point virat said I will go to your school to check the how arrangements going. Around then sayi said you know very well about me i.e I don’t acknowledge lie. At that point virat asking to how could you where iam. Sayi says DIG sir educated to me where you are.

Later bhawani educated to ninad, omkar about letter which is come from samrat office. Later virat asking to bhawani what is it, Omkar said to virat letter from samrat office and they asking to patralekha to sign on the records.

pakhi asking to relatives should I book tickets. Ashwini says book three tickets for you and sayi, virat. Additionally ashwini said to relatives sayi will go with virat and patralekha. After that pakhi asking to ashwini aunt do you need sai to keep an eye on us.

Sayi said to pakhi it isn’t my errand to watch out for more than 2 develop individuals, it fills no need of me being there. After that sayi take off from the house to went for school, virat think himself. Pakhi holds sayi hands when she headed off to college and said to her you offended me once more. At that point sayi says why not genuinely ask yourself regarding how awkward would you be with my essence.

karishma asking to her significant other for what good reason pakhi went to laddakh on the grounds that we have an alternative to sent papers through messenger. After that sayi said ashwini I will headed off to college, virat said to pakhi I will present my leave paper might be authorities acknowledges my leave. Saloni expressed profound gratitude to virat in light of the fact that apply for leave, Bhawani said to virat apply leave for 5 days. Ashwini asking to sayi sit tight for quite a while and listen bhawani, saloni words. Saloni said to bhawani yes what you said is right.

Ashwini said to bhawani virat had such countless obligations so we send mohit alongside patralekha. At that point karishma said to relatives alongside mohit I’m likewise went with them. Bhawani, Saloni furious on karishma and asking to her went to kitchen finished your work. Bhawani at long last says alongside patralekha virat went. Ninad asking to ashwini kindly quiet down on the grounds that it’s true matter so on the off chance that anything needs virat take care about it.

Later virat said to relatives samrat is my primary goal so I will went with patralekha. Pakhi asking to virat may I book tickets. Ashwini said to her book 3 tickets on the grounds that sayi likewise went with them. Sayi said to ashwini I can not go with them since I may not said to everybody. Ashwini says I will advise you sayi yet you can not recalled. At that point pakhi asking to ashwini for what reason sayi accompany us, Bhawani asking to ashwini your opinion about virat, pakhi. Later virat drops sayi at her school. At home karishma getting some information about valentine day festivities.

virat said to sayi I will went from the school. Around then aniket asking to virat sir kindly stand by one moment and given blossoms and asking to him please given to sayi in light of the fact that it’s valentine day. At that point virat holds blossoms and come nearer to sayi, Sayi feels timid. Opposite end at home ashwini, pakhi planning food at kitchen. Read more……