The episode begins offevolved with Sai calling Pulkit and the latter asks what she has decided. Sai says her very last choice is she can be able to go away Nagpur and could live in Gadchiroli. Pulkit tells her that she need to now no longer smash her profession for a few humans. Sai says after seeing Virat’s rage in the direction of her she will be able to’t live right here anymore. Pulkit tells her to live in a few different location in Nagpur else she can be able to land in trouble.

Sai says she is already dealing with trouble the day her father left her and he or she were given married to someone like Virat. She says she doesn’t need to hassle Virat’s own circle of relatives through staying right here, aleven though Virat is misbehaving together along with her these days however after Kamal’s dying he stood through her and did lots for her so she will be able to’t hassle him as humans will taunt Chavans if she remains one by one in Nagpur. She receives emotional.

Virat talks to Sunny over telecellsmartphone and tells him that he’s angry with Sai’s anger issues. He is not able to address her. He sees Devyani and cuts the call. He asks her if she is disenchanted due to his behaviour with Sai. Devyani says Sai is unhappy and he or she has taken a choice. Virat asks her what’s that? Devyani says it’s her and Sai’s mystery she will be able to’t inform him. Devyani performs the sport how Sai advised her to do. But Virat receives harassed and asks her to inform the name of the game however Devyani says he need to communicate to Sai.

Virat hints Devyani announcing he additionally has a mystery with Samrat. He won’t inform her if she doesn’t inform him approximately her mystery. Devyani says Sai doesn’t sense like staying right here. Virat completes the sentence announcing so Sai desires to go away the residence. Devyani asks how did he guess. He says from day one she is giving one hazard that she can be able to go away the residence its not anything new. So she will be able to go away. He won’t forestall her. Pakhi overhears that.

Pulkit tells Sai to alternate her choice. It will bog down her studies. Sai says she won’t alternate her mind. Pulkit says they need to discover if there’s any seat to be had for Sai in any university of Gadchiroli or now no longer. Sai says she already is aware of there seats are to be had for her. Pulkit says approximately Devyani who gets disheartened after getting to know approximately Sai leaving the residence. Sai says Devyani already were given to research that she is leaving.

Devyani pleads Virat to forestall Sai from leaving. She begins offevolved crying and Virat tells her now no longer to cry. He says he can’t forcibly forestall Sai from leaving. He can’t lock her. Devyani says Sai is his wife, he can’t smash their marriage like this. He need to lock her again.

Virat says he fulfilled his duties and now Sai is free. She can do anything she wants. Devyani says Bappa won’t forgive him if he doesn’t forestall Sai. Pakhi comes and says Virat isn’t always a kid, he won’t get scared through all this. Devyani tells her now no longer to poke her nostril on this matter. She tells her to go away. Pakhi satirically says Sai educated Devyani to hate her.

Pulkit tells Sai that he’s going to meet her with Harinee. But Sai thinks she won’t wait however after Aarti she can be able to go away the residence. Devyani scolds Pakhi for continually announcing incorrect approximately Sai. Why Virat isn’t always expertise the situation. Virat says he doesn’t need to apprehend anything. He won’t forestall Sai. Pakhi says Sai become continually selfish, she simply indicates off through looking after others. Devyani tells Virat will regret.

Ashwini comes with meals and asks whom she become speaking to. Sai says it become Pulkit. Ashwini says she desires to feed her and he or she is aware of Sai is hungry. Ashwini scolds her and Sai thinks it’s her closing day withinside the residence and he or she will pass over Ashwini’s scolding.

Precap – Virat tells Sai that she has not anything in his drawer anymore. Ashwini asks her what’s she hiding. Sai remains quiet.