Bhavani says Sai can’t take affirmation in school. Sai educates you are choosing regarding my life and vocation so I reserve the privilege to talk. Virat asks Bhavani for what good reason can’t Sai take affirmation? Ashwini inquires as to for what reason would you like to rehash with Sai what you did with me? Virat asks how did you act with me? Ninad asks her to no raise past. Shivani explains for what reason to remain quiet,everyone should know. She advises everybody Ashwini needed to finish graduation yet after marriage she had to remain at home. Ashwini tells she laments even today that she didn’t finish her school. She requests that Bhavani let Sai study. Bhavani says she was unable to try and turn into a decent little girl in law in what capacity will she become a specialist. Virat reveals to If we are discussing her schooling she is phenomenal in it. Pakhi tells even I am first division post alumni however even I found employment elsewhere. Virat advises everybody has their option to pick if Sai needs to be a specialist none of us has the option to choose. Pakhi tells this is a joint family,how would you be able to be so egotistical and consider yourself ? She discloses to I care about this house and individuals. Ashwini tells when Sai’s better half and relative are with her for what reason does Pakhi have an issue? Bhavani inquires as to whether she needs her to head off to college. Virat and Sai request that Ninad act appropriately with Ashwini. Sai tells adolescents realize what they see. Sonali requests that Sai shut up. Sai advises I won’t remain calm and I consider all you know this. I am not committing error by getting conceded in clinical school. This was my dad’s fantasy and I will complete it at any rate. Regardless of whether I need to take off from this house I will live in inn. Virat tells I concur with her. Sai asks Virat did you wed me since you feel sorry for me or in light of the fact that it was your obligation? Virat tells this is truth that I would not like to wed you yet this is additionally evident that I didn’t feel sorry for you. Sai reveals to I know very well why you would not like to wed me and takes a gander at Pakhi. Sai tells I won’t endure anybody revealing to me Virat sir wedded me since he felt sorry for me. Virat tells he wedded on the grounds that she is his obligation and asks everybody not to rehash this. Bhavani inquires as to for what reason does Sai need new standards and guidelines? On the off chance that previous the little girls of this house remained at home even Sai will do as such. She takes Sai’s records document and tosses it in air. Devyani comes and advises it isn’t right to toss papers this way. Which distraught individual did this? Virat and Sai get the records alongside Devyani. Devyani inquires as to whether Sai is attending a university? She tells my mom is awful she prevented me from heading off to college. Devyani says I will battle for you. Bhavani discloses to Ninad she took in this from Sai. Sai expresses gratitude toward Devyani. Devyani inquires as to whether she will be a police like Virat. Virat discloses to her she will be a specialist. Devyani requests that she treat her. Sai guarantees her. Virat gets enthusiastic on observing Devyani like this. He discloses to Sai we are getting late how about we go. Virat reveals to Bhavani it is smarter to change with time in any case time will make a huge difference. Virat says it’s time we change a few principles of our home. He asks Bhavani ot isn’t essential that we keep doing likewise, change is life’s standard. Virat discloses to I know little girl in-law don’t head outside yet it isn’t vital that we keep doing as such. Sai is getting conceded today,so we need to change this guidelines. Read more…..