Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24 April 2021 Episode Written Updates

Scene begins with Barkha going to Sai’s home. She says Sai ought to excuse Virat. Barkha gets glad to realize that Sai needs to become specialist. Barkha explains why you dont need to go with Virat? Sai answers as Virat left me. Ask him. Virat says yes I did it and lamenting for that. Barkha says however I recognize love clearly for Sai. He cherishes her. He is truly liable. Sai says Virat abused me and Usha. Barkha says I can comprehend. Yet, lenient somebody is incredible work. You should give him one possibility. Virat says at any rate tune in to Barkha. Sai says she took her choice. Usha says to Sai I am glad that you excused Virat. Sai says let me finish, she says furiously I can never pardon Virat. Sai asks Barkha you are additionally artist , in the event that somebody affronts your craft and peer down on you will you excuse that individual. Barkha says never. Sai says at that point ask Virat , he tossed me out at 12 PM. He slighted me. She cries. Barkha asks Virat she didn’t anticipate this from Virat.

Virat says I can comprehend Sai anticipated a ton from me, yet I baffled her. Be that as it may, I will not power her any longer to pardon me. It will be her own decision. Townspeople attempt to persuade Sai however Virat says I will hang tight for Sai. At whatever point she will consider excusing me I will go to her to take her back. Sai says that day won’t ever come. As I can’t fail to remember the affront you did. Sai discloses to Virat not to do this with any other person as he will lose all relations. She goes higher up. She gets heartbroken.Play, Win and Enjoy the Life at Full Power! Parimatch by Taboola Virat heads outside. He gets dismal. ( ghum hai kisike payar mai plays). Mohit sees Virat. Ashwini reveals to Virat she will make nourishment for Sai and him. Mohit calls everybody.


Ninad says Sai is back at last. Chavans continue to get some information about Sai to Virat. Ashwini says you met her or not. Pakhi says Sai should be remaining outside. She advises Karishma to bring aarti thali. Karishma says yet why. Pakhi says Sai expects we’ll look for pardoning from her.


As its inconceivable Sai will not return if Virat demands. Virat says Sai didn’t come. Pakhi says she isn’t back today yet Virat again will apologize to her and Sai will be back. Sai is setting aside effort to cause Virat to feel more regretful. Ashwini advises Pakhi to quiet down. Noone needs her assessment. Virat says Sai will not pardon him any longer as he hurt her. Mohit gets some information about her investigations. Read more….


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