Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 February 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Usha thumps on Mohit’s door. Karishma tells Sai is pleased to the point that she didn’t eat it. Karishma takes the plate and starts eating. Mohit explains for what reason are you eating it,Sai won’t eat in this house for two days so perhaps I can take care of her after at some point. Karishma tells tomorrow is Shivratri so I need to keep quick so it’s better that I eat now.

Virat tells he is blameworthy for his demonstration and that is the reason he is saying ‘sorry’ Sai reveals to you prevented me from eating food. Virat discloses to I wanted to take you out for lunch however you left so even I didn’t eat.


Virat separates and asks Sai not to think of him as an enemy,he is a section for her family. Sai begins crying to. Virat asks Sai for one opportunity to improve his misstep.


Virat tells he will bring nourishment for her and feed her with his own hand. Sai advises him to guarantee that he will not at any point prevent anybody from having food. Virat guarantees her that it will not occur again not even in his fantasies and apologizes to her once more.

.Sai advises so you figured out how to make me concur. He asks your dad would likewise have accomplished something like this. Sai tells he couldn’t ever have gave me such a lot of torment. Virat tells I can never become like your father,I realized you will not excuse me.


Sai asks Virat however atleast mention to me what were you going to take care of me. Virat advises he was thinking what to take care of her and he will shock her. Ghum hai Kisi ke pyaar mai plays in BM. Sai wipes tears from Virat’s face and Virat wipes tears from her face and the two of them begin grinning. Read more…...


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