Virat tells Sai to use her brain in talking. Ashwini tells Virat that why are you scolding Sai? Bhavani tells mast,ask your mother first as she is most intelligent. Ashwini tells you think my son is going to listen all this against me? Bhavani tells nowadays all Virat does is listen to you and Sai. She tells Ashwini keeps hiding all mistake of Sai.

Ninad tells Virat your wife is staring at me like she is going to eat me raw. Virat tells Sai what is the need of staring like this and asks Sai to apologise to everyone? Pakhi asks Virat if Sai is going to listen to you? She tells I am a member of this family and I have the right to ask if your wife respects you? He tells it doesn’t take time for relations to break if there is no respect in between them. She tells my parents taught me to respect elders since childhood. I don’t have problem with Sai,I just want peace in this house. Either you should make your wife understand or there will always be fights in the house.

Sonali asks Sai to learn from Pakhi. Sai tells Pakhi I am listening to you because I promised you not to answer you back. If not for that promise I would have answered you in such manner that you have died in shame. Pakhi tells Sai to speak whatever she wants and not hide behind any promise. Virat asks Sai to apologise to all elders. Sai tells everyone taunts me for not doing work. They think I am mad, they will taunt me and think I am going to respect me. Sai tells not to bring her father in between. Virat tells her she really doesn’t have any manners.

Ashwini tells Virat that why do you think Sai is ill-mannered? Can’t you see what is happening with her? Her father died,she left her village,her family everything and still all elders of this house are after Sai with swords of question. Ninad tells Ashwini is blind in love with Sai that is why she can’t she anything. Virat asks Ashwini why is she supporting Sai? Virat tells Sai not to teach me how to talk with my mother. Sonali tells till now Sai has not said sorry. Sai tells why should I tell sorry? Omi asks what will happen if you sorry?

He asks her to apologise and leave. Sai tells you all should apologise to me. Shivani tells Virat why are you all after her? Ninad tells Shivani to shut up. Sonali tells only Sai supported her in having an affair with that married guy. Devyani tells Shivani we are same . She asks did my mother scare away your husband too?

Bhavani tells Devyani to stop talking nonsense. Devyani asks Sai to take her to college with her. Sai tells we will go together once you are well . Bhavani asks Devyani to leave. Sai asks her to go now she will tell her everything about college later. Bhavani tells this house’s daughters are disgrace. One is ill from brain and another is in love with a married man.

Ashwini tells Omi to respect Shivani. Sai tells elders of this house only know how to talk but when they make a mistake they close their eyes. Sai tells Shivani to stay here and let everyone speak whatever they want. Karishma tells at least you should have thaught if we should speak like this. Bhavani asks her to speak clearly. Karishma tells yesterday night I went to walk with Mohit,one neighbor aunt asked me what did Shivani do now? Bhavani tells Sai now what will you say? Her act has brought disgrace to Chavan family. Read More….