She says Sai back domestic to keep away from injuries again, however she feels its higher in the event that they live in separate rooms. Sonali yells that Sai is fortunate to have a MIL who in preference to punishing her for jogging out of residence is giving her a separate room. Karishma remarks next, and Sonali shuts her mouth. Shivani warns that new-age bahus will now no longer tolerate nonsense and reminds that Sai’s husband is an IPS officer and could placed misbehaviors in jail. Omkar in his standard impolite tone says Virat is likewise their relative, Sai is given a separate room in preference to punishment and this by no means occurred in Chavan Nivas.

Ashwini says matters must alternate through the years and its her selection and now no longer request. Bhavani asks on the grounds that while she began out taking selections on this residence. Ashwini says no person can clutch Bhavani’s proper to take selection on this residence, further no person can clutch her proper to take her daughter’s existence’s selections. Ninad says this will placed an damaging have an effect on on Sai and Virat’s marriage. Ashwini says marriage manner taking walks alongside collectively forgoing the distinction at any cost, Virat and Sai’s courting isn’t that robust, she wishes her to increase a robust courting and provide them a chance. Mansi backs her. Ashwini says their courting will by no means spoil though; they want to cause them to increase a robust courting and now no longer simply being near. Bhavani says she must have mentioned together along with her earlier than taking this type of large selection. Ashwini says she took an expert’s selection. Everyone examine her curiously.

Pakhi remarks that Sai and Virat’s jodi will create a brand new instance, in advance they used to sleep one after the other in a equal room and now will sleep in exclusive rooms. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Ashwini takes Sai to reveal her new room. Pakhi thinks allow his see how their courting changes.