Ghum hai kisi ke Pyaar me 9 February 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Pakhi requests that Virat clarify his better half Sai that they are going on an authority work and not holiday. Virat says he will. Sai discloses to Pakhi that she ought to consistently recall that Virat is nobody to her and she wouldn’t fret in the event that he goes with her or any other individual. Pakhi says Sai thinks she acts well, however she isn’t and her face unmistakably shows that she doesn’t care for her and Virat going together. She leaves. Sai asks Virat when she was leaving room quietly in the event that he halted her to get offended, she won’t hear him out from hereon. He says at any rate she doesn’t hear him out. She asks she tunes in to all his words. He inquires as to whether she pressed his stuff. She requests that he request that Pakhi pack his stuff. He says when the two of them are taking their stuff in same sack, for what reason would Pakhi pack his stuff. She says he ought to fail to remember that they are going together now as she would not like to be a hurde/kabab me haddi among him and Pakhi. He cautions her to think well and talk. She says he didn’t educate Pakhi that she is additionally going with them. He says she doesn’t need to consider the big picture. She says Pakhi will feel terrible. He says leave it to him. She says when she inquired as to whether she prefers going with them to Ladakh, she changed the point saying its a bizarre inquiry, yet at some point back she was requesting that he clarify his better half that they are going on an authority excursion and thinks just the two of them are going. He requests that not concern and let him hande, she should simply gather pack.

Sai strolls to Devi and seeing her pitiful asks reason. Devi says she would not like to converse with anybody. Sai asks not even to her Sa. Devi says no. Sai says she will likewise not converse with her at that point. Devi requests that not say that. Sai inquires as to why she is miserable at that point. Devi says he should be sitting tight for her yesterday and his legs should torment. Sai asks who is sitting tight for her. Devi says her significant other, yet her mom didn’t release her and consistently and reprimands and shouts at her. Sai requests to call him at that point. Devi says she doesn’t have a clue about his number. Sai requests that she tell his name and let Virat search him. Devi says she won’t. Sai vows to discover her better half one day and embraces her.


She strolls into kitchen and welcomes Ashwini. Ashwini inquires as to whether she is going to Ladakh with Virat. Sai says yes. Ashwini says their similarity and shared agreement will increment on the off chance that they go together. Sai says even Pakhi is going with them. Ashwini says she is Virat’s significant other and not Pakhi, so she shouldn’t make a big deal about Pakhi. Sai says even Virat says same. Ashwini says both mother and child are keen. Sai snickers and says she is excessively interesting.


Pakhi serves tea to Bhavani and Saloni. Bhavani acclaims that she gets invigorated with Pakhi’s tea. Saloni says Pakhi will plan more invigorated tea once she gets back from Ladakh. Karishma offers tea to Bhavani next. Bhavani requests that she remove it as she just had Patralekha’s tea. Karishma demands. Bhavani shouts on the off chance that she is distraught to drink poison in the wake of drinking amrith. Mohit signals Karishma and quietly surges towards his room. Bhavani seeing him hollers to stop and asks what befell his meeting. Saloni says he was being saved money, so he dismissed the proposition for employment. Bhavani asks how a lot. Mohit says 20000 rs for 12 hours of work. Bhavani says 20000 rs is a lot for a pointless individual like him. Pakhi asks her not to stress as Mohit actually has 6 days left and will get a decent line of work soon. Saloni backs her. Mohit quietly leaves.

Sai meets Pulkit in school and welcomes him. Pulkit thinks Sai is from Chavan family and Sundar nagar, in the event that she is Devi’s family member. He says she was telling she prefers her MIL/saas and SIL/nanad among her parents in law. Sai says her aayi is excellent and helps her to remember her Aaba/father, her nanad is exceptionally charming and clear hearted, however she is in a stun after she is isolated from her significant other and says her better half needed to turn into a major specialist yet never gives any insight concerning it as she is intellectually shaky now; if her better half has truly become a major specialist, she will she will look through him soon as they are in same calling now. He asks what is her nanad’s name. She says Devyani Chavan. He stands stunned and leaves cleaning his tears. Sai thinks he got passionate hearing Devi tai’s story and is exceptionally kind hearted.


Bright meets Virat to book flight tickets on PC and requests that he tell names. Virat says Virat Chavan, Patralekha Chavan, and Sai Chavan. Radiant inquires as to whether Pakhi realizes that Sai is going with them. Virat says not yet. Radiant asks its like keeping a bomb and fire together and ought to anticipate just an impact. Virat says he realizes what occurred with Pakhi or more that after Samrat left, she is in profound mental pressure and its important that she takes some time off and unwind; aside from that, Sai is confronting predicament at home and is creating contrasts with Pakhi, so he needs them both to clear their disparities some way or another. Bright inquires as to whether he figures Pakhi will concur. Virat says she won’t deny on the off chance that he educates her unexpectedly. Radiant inquires as to whether he doesn’t think he is facing a major challenge. Virat says in the event that he doesn’t, they will keep on battling entire life. Radiant wishes him most awesome aspect karma.

Pakhi packs her garments and archives in sack and keeps her ID vehicle in handbag. Virat calls her and advises that he booked tickets and will send her flight subtleties, she can make game plans likewise. She expresses gratitude toward him for accomplishing such a great deal for her. He says he didn’t do anything. She says she is leaving house after quite a while due to her. He says he needs her to appreciate the excursion and not think of him as off-base as whatever he is doing is for her acceptable.


She inquires as to for what reason is he saying this. He says she will comprehend at the correct time and expectations that she is adult and comprehension and her response would be same. She says he suspects as much, yet his significant other doesn’t. He thinks he needs to clear these distinctions. Sai calls him. He requests that she hold and discloses to Pakhi that he will call her later. Pakhi stands desirous. He asks Sai for what good reason did she call. She says she needed to realize flight subtleties to take school leave. He says she needs to at any rate. She says she is going in a trip unexpectedly. He inquires as to whether she truly didn’t go in a flight yet.

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