The scene begins with Karishma educating Bhavani that Sai is preparing to attend a university. Bhavani guarantees that Sonali that she won’t release her to school. Sai’s overseer Usha takes care of her curd with sugar and wishes her for her first day of school.

She says that if Kamal dada is alive he would’ve been exceptionally glad to see her heading off to college. She inquires as to whether she needs to go with her to school yet Sai denies. She says she previously discovered all courses. Sai takes favors from Ashwini on her first day of school. She discovers her agitated and asks sorry from her. She persuades her to excuse her with her pleadings. Ashwini cautions her that everybody keep watch on her every exercises and she shouldn’t allow them to allow them to succeed. She requests that she return before 7 and Sai guarantees her she will. Karishma calls Sai saying Bhavani called her outside.

Ashwini sends her away understanding their arrangement. Sai finds the game plans and approaches Ashwini the purpose behind it. Bhavani clarifies that it’s Ekadashi today and they are taking care of the clerics. Bhavani says that the food should be made by just girl in law of the house. She requests that she join different girls in law in the groundwork for pooja. Sai says however none ever educated her about it while Karishma insults her. Sai says she can’t as its her first day of school.

Bhavani requests that she not give reasons and leave subsequent to finishing her tasks. Sai argues Ashwini to take care in her place. She guarantees that she will oversee and requests that she go. Ashwini’s significant other insults her and requests that she follow finishing her tasks. Sai doesn’t hear him out and is going to go however Bhavani cautions her to not conflict with her. Karishma asks her to in any event pound the flavors prior to leaving. Usha offers to do it in the spot of Sai however Sonali says that lone the house’s little girl in law ought to do it.

Ashwini asks then for what valid reason didn’t she never managed any responsibility in kitchen. Nina’s backings Sonali calling her a rich girl in law not at all like her and her girl in law. Bhavani acclaims Patralekha for being a researcher yet at the same time doing all the works alloted to her without a word. Patralekha says that she’s instructed by her folks to tune in to seniors in her parents in law house. Bhavani and Ninad acclaims Paakhi. Sai says that she concurs Pakhi is the best girl in law and she’s most exceedingly terrible however she couldn’t care less about anything as she needs to head off to college. Bhavani insults her for living for nothing in the house without doing any errands and insults her childhood by her dad.

Paakhi upholds Bhavani and Sai closes her. She says that she previously educated Virat that she will restore all the cash he spent on her examinations. Paakhi says that she can restore cash yet not the kindness showered on her by Virat. A tired Sai consents to leave exclusively subsequent to finishing her work. She requests that they bring blender yet Bhavani says that they would crush flavors just physically. Sai says she doesn’t know to crush physically and Ashwini offers to help her.

Anyway Bhavani sends her away requesting that she accomplish her work first. Sai gets injured while granulating and Sonali loads her with work. Sai drains and Ashwini gets stressed. Paakhi insults her. Sonali says that her blood fell on the grounded ginger and spoilt everything. Virat is preparing and contemplates whether for what reason didn’t Sai message or call him yet. He reproves her in his psyche. Dhai attaches swathe around her finger to quit dying. Sai gets passionate and begins granulating once more. Bhavani and others watch it as she completes the process of granulating ginger.

Bhavani gets another thought. She requests that she granulate a few chillies as well. Ashwini says that she will crush chillies as Sai is harmed. Bhavani insults her and Sonali and Paakhi concurs with her. Sai begins crushing the chillies as well and is in torment. Sai cries in torment. Karishma insults her and Paakhi requests that she stop her show. Read Full….