Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai holds Virat’s hand in dread as the bicycle passes by themUpdates. Virat had advised her to hold her hand previously and on the off chance that she had held his hand first, she would not have been lost. Ashwini calls Virat and gets some information about Sai’s entrance. He says Sai has been admitted to Nagpur Medical College. Ashwini is upbeat and separates Kara. Virat reveals to Sai that she will get back and eat as there isn’t anything left toward the beginning of the day. Sai demands having a side of the road slow down food. Virat asks who has side of the road food right now. She demands, however he goes to the vehicle. She mumbles that nobody will hear her out. At home, Ashwini reveals to Bhavan that Sai has been admitted to clinical school. Bhavani requests that Omkar call the Nagpur Dhol Mandal to play out a moving dance on the floor and observe Sai’s entrance. Saloni says she was truly wealthy. Indeed, even in Ashwini joke, Bhavani considered observing Sai’s entrance. Bhawani says that Pakhi and Karishma arranged the food and served it on schedule. The two of them bring food. These are the genuine sides and not the sai’s, as Bhavani has educated them. Ashwini argues for Virat and Sai to stand by. Bhavani says that Ashwini can sit tight for her side and she will lunch on schedule.

Sai takes a gander at its 4,68,000 RS school expenses and gratitude to Virat. Virat says she needs to do a course to comprehend Sai in 30 days, since her annoyance is now and then incomprehensible and a debt of gratitude is in order for something. She giggles and advises him to restore his cash after she turns into a specialist. He reveals to her he knows it. He says he needs to visit Gadchiroli with Usha to get Aba’s cash. He reveals to her he won’t release her since he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what Vithal does, so he accompanies her. She says she can make do with Usha. He reveals to her it’s her duty and he can’t face the challenge of sending her alone. She thinks it is his duty and nothing else and says he is alright. He stops the vehicle and requests that she get down. She inquires as to why he halted late. He messes with a significant discussion and appears at a frozen yogurt shop. She joyfully hurries to the slow down and requests 2 unique flavors. He joins her and she compels him to attempt. He arranges the aroma of mango and plunks down with her. They state that in the event that one melts, 2 frozen yogurts should be taken. He discloses to her she’s cunning, yet doesn’t see one. She inquires as to whether he suspects as much. He reveals to her that she discovers joy in all things. He says one of the seemingly insignificant details should discover satisfaction. He thinks she is excellent and unique in relation to him. She sees the Pani Puri store and energetically runs towards it, requesting one and demanding having it. He sees her energy. She gives him a puri. They state its zesty. She gives him frozen yogurt. He chomps and afterward distorts it. The two of them snicker. She mimics him more. He discloses to her she’s grinning as well. She is bashful and says much obliged.

At home, Bhavani hangs tight for furious Virat and Sai to lunch and calls Pakhi to Virat to discover where he is. Pakhi attempts and discloses to her Virat isn’t accepting the call. Karishma says she can’t purposely accept a call as she is investing quality energy with her better half and Pakhi can’t comprehend it since her significant other is missing. Bhavani remembers her tongue and thinks a long time prior to talking. Each relative beginnings their number one act about school affirmation choice about Sai and Virat underpins it. The dramatization proceeds. Shivani experiences Bhavani and supports Sai not surprisingly. She tells the Pakhi family that she needs to begin her employment once more. At the point when she lets Sai do what she needs, Bhakani says she can’t do any damage to Pakhi by impeding her, so she can proceed. Pakhi says he doesn’t know whether Samrat will return and can’t sit tight for his assessment. Bhavani solaces her. Ninad says he needs to reconsider before he takes the work. Pakhi inquires as to whether Virat will adjust his significant other’s perspective to get into school. On the opposite side, Virat and Sai are making the most of their excursion. He gets her inflatables. She chuckles cheerfully and slips. He holds her and their eyes meet. The title track of the sequential plays out of sight.