Ghum hai kisi ke Pyaar me 31 January 2021 Written Update

gum hai

He chuckles and asks how is her dance work on going. She says great. He gets some information about Aniket. She inquires as to why he is stressed over Aniket, he isn’t so significant.

He says truly, he isn’t considerably taller than him. She inquires as to whether he sent police to school to beware of Aniket. He says indeed, at that point says no, for what reason would he check Aniket’s stature. She says she was unable to see cop’s face who was addressing Aniket.


He says thank god he is saved. She asks what. He says its 11 p.m., and thinks thank god she didn’t see his face or probably she would have tossed plate on him. Sayi sees Virat’s pic in paper. Aniket says he is a similar official who addressed him. Sayi inquires as to whether he is certain and thinks Virat deceived her last evening and needs to answer why he did that. Read More…


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