Ghum hai kisi ke Pyaar me 30th January 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Pakhi stands up to Virat that he calls himself as her bestfriend. He says he is her bestfriend. She says he doesn’t look whatever else than Sayi’s better half, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why she is here and for whom. He says everybody loves and really focuses on her. She inquires as to whether he really focuses on her. He says obviously as he is her companion, she will see everything getting ordinary once Samrat returns. She says she doesn’t adore Samrat. He says she will once they become more acquainted with one another. She inquires as to whether Samrat will return. He says yes his sibling will. She says she doesn’t think so as no one at home discussions about Samrat now, she went to pooja as a suhagan however couldn’t say whether she is a suhagan or not. He requests that not say that. She says she is slipping like a sand close by and doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on with her. He sits close to her and requests that not lose trust, she will get every one of her privileges when Samrat returns. She says she may get glad for family when Samrat returns, however couldn’t say whether she will be cheerful. He says commonly life doesn’t go as indicated by them, however they need to go as per life, so she ought to acknowledge it as life’s choice. She inquires as to whether he suspects as much. He says yes. She requests that he proceed to take care of his better half as she might be sitting tight for him.

Virat takes nourishment for Sayi and says Aayi sent her food and requested to complete it before him. Sayi thinks Aayi loves her to such an extent. He plans heating power glue and pulls her feet to apply it on them. She requests that not do that as family will accuse her. He keeps his finger all the rage. She stops and asks again to please leave her foot. He says he brought it for her, implies Aayi sent it for her as preparing soft drink mends unfavorably susceptible skin. She says she, when all is said and done, will apply it. He stops her and applies it on her feet cautiously. She sees her face smilingly, at that point says Aayi loves her so much and educated not to apply alta knowing regarding her sensitivity and today sent preparing pop. He inquires as to whether she cherishes Aayi a ton. She says yes and one more individual in this house. He asks whom. She says Devyani Tai and asks who else did he consider. He says even he felt same. She says Devyani tai is charming and endured a great deal. He inquires as to whether she cherishes likewise another person in this house. She says no one else is fit to be adored in this house. He asks not even him? She says it can occur, however in his fantasies. He says on the off chance that she will have food now. She says she would not like to as she needs to consider. He says he won’t let her rest and will move for her. She says Aaba used to take care of her when she used to contemplate and when she used to nod off, he used to awaken her and feed. He causes her to sit and takes care of her. She gets passionate. He asks what occurred, in the event that she didn’t care for it, he won’t, however she shouldn’t cry. She holds his hand and taking a piece says Aaba as well as Usha mausi took care of her, yet just Aaba at late evening while she examined. Sequential’s title track plays out of sight. She holds his hand again and eats once more. He says she attempts to discover likeness among him and Kamal sir and will stop on the off chance that she doesn’t care for it. She says she couldn’t say whether she is feeling better yet in addition not inclination awful. He says even he feels great taking care of her.


She proceeds and says she is full and why he is overloading her. He says since she applied alta for his wellbeing. She says she applied it for aayi. He furiously inquires as to whether she didn’t matter alta for her significant other yet for her MIL’s security, how could she is to say that. She gets strained. He giggles and says he was kidding. She says she knows spouse and MIL’s child are same.


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