Vanraj reveals to Bhavani that Sayi has applied Alta. Ashwini discloses to Virat that that is the reason she advised him to address Sai once as stories change if tune in. Pakhi asks Sayi for what good reason did she deny to apply alta when entire family demanded. Bhavani and Saloni back her. Ashwini says Sai applied it for Virat’s wellbeing in the wake of hearing it will bring terrible for her significant other. Virat gets dazzled hearing that. Pakhi stands envious hearing that. She says when everybody is prepared, allowed us to begin pooja. Pooja begins. Sayi asks panditji to complete pooja soon as she needs to contemplate. He concurs and begins pooja. She implores Mahadev to keep Aaba cheerful in paradise, even her relatives, particularly Virat as he is intense from outside and delicate from inside like a coconut. Virat goes along with them. Panditji asks who will perform Rudraabhishek. Bhavani requests that Pakhi go. Ashwini requests that Virat and Sayi perform Rudraabhishek as it is acceptable if recently wedded couple do it. Virat and Sayi perform abhishek according to Panditji’s direction. Pakhi gets more desirous seeing that. They perform aarti next. Sayi takes a gander at Virat consistently. Bhavani requests that Pakhi perform aarti next as each suhagan/wedded lady ought to perform Mahadev and Devi Parvati’s aarti. She performs aarti. Panditji requests that Virat apply sindhoor on his significant other’s temple now. He does same. Ashwini supplicates Mahadev to shield his child and bahu from every single stink eye.

After at some point, Virat strolls into his room and seeing Sayi dozing while at the same time examining thinks if Sayi applied alta for his security or on Aayi’s structure as she does anything for her loved ones, yet when Aayi told she accomplished for his wellbeing, Sayi didn’t respond and she doesn’t lie. He takes a gander at her and mumbles that she looks so beautiful snoozing however when she awakens, she begins gabbing and will adulate Aniket’s singing, at that point thinks for what reason is he feeling awful. He sees her name on her pen. He awakens her jabbing her shoulder. She opens eyes. He says he was attempting to awaken her as he needs to rest. She says who is halting him. He says her books are on his bed. She inquires as to for what reason did he jab her shoulder as opposed to calling her name. He says he would not like to call her noisily and stun her. She approaches books and says he can rest while she goes to consider. He inquires as to why right now. She says she needs to do family tasks toward the beginning of the day and afterward set off for college as family considers her as house cleaner and she needs to work on the off chance that she needs to remain here. He inquires as to why she overstates issue. She strolls to table to contemplate. He sees her alta applied feet and says they are looking pretty, yet they have rashes. Sai says she is sensitive to alta. He inquires as to for what reason did she apply at that point and brings salve for her. She says its not for sensitivity.

Karishma while wrapping up pooja setting says she and Mohit needed to perform pooja and not Virat and Sayi as they wedded before Virat and Sayi. Ashwini says Virat and Sayi are senior to her in both relationship and status. Pakhi strolls in. Saloni says Pakhi and Samrat ought to have performed pooja, however in Samrat’s nonappearance, Sayi grabbed Pakhi’s correct. Bhavani trusts Samrat returns soon and their home is prosperous once more.