Virat asks did you drop the excursion on the grounds that Sai is going with us? Pakhi tells I am doing nothing wrong,if you need you can go with your better half. Sai reveals to Virat I advised you to illuminate Pakhi. Virat discloses to Sai ponders you, she asked me will Pakhi like it on the off chance that I go along with you individuals on excursion? Sonali tells Virat ought to have educated you before as it were.

Ninad reveals to Virat where was your development when your were concealing this from us all? Pakhi asks were you going to praise special night for the sake of Samrat’s work. Sai gets what is this jabber? Virat discloses to If we needed to go on vacation we might have gone before moreover.

Sai asks Pakhi you mention to me what sort of excursion would you say you are going with my significant other? Virat discloses to Pakhi this is the explanation I didn’t illuminate you since, supposing that I tell you,you will drop the excursion. I figured I will take both of you together so you can coexist with one another. I needed to remove you to from here with the goal that you can see one another. Virat advises let me offer blades to you so both of you can execute me first and than murder each other.Pakhi tells I have concluded I am not going on this excursion. Ashwini asks what is your concern Patralekha, that Sai is joining you or is it something different? Virat advises to complete this conversation here and come for the work they were going. Pakhi reveals to I will send the letter from here just or if necessary I will go to Ladakh with my dad. She reveals to I free you from all work of Samrat. The authority papers are for me and Mansi so I will deal with it,you and your better half don’t need to consider the big picture.

Sai tells I realized you dislike me joining you yet I will demand you not to drop the trip,you can oblige Virat as arranged I will set off for college. Bhavani advises Sai is right,she requests that Pakhi go on outing. Pakhi discloses to Virat will be dismal in giving up his caring spouse and now I am accustomed to being separated from everyone else. Pakhi is going to fall yet Sai holds her hand. Pakhi advises you don’t have to save me,you need to deal with your significant other more.

Pakhi is in her room crying reasoning for what reason does Virat do this me? I simply needed to chat with him and eliminate all the grumblings I had from him. She reveals to her dad I didn’t go anyplace Virat was taking Sai with us without illuminating me. Her dad determines what’s going on in this? Sai is Virat’s better half and it is normal for her to oblige him.

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Ashwini comes to Virat and Sai’s room,she tells Pakhi may have dropped this excursion however both you and Sai have taken get-away so you two can head off to some place for multi day. Sai advises I advised Virat to advise everything to Pakhi,all of this wouldn’t have occurred. Regardless of what happens,Bhavani kaku may be accusing me. Ashwini tells everybody continues to accuse her yet today just she indicated development and comprehension.

Sonali and Karishma go to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi requests that they let her be for at some point. Karishma advises you got opportunity to have some bliss in your life yet Sai couldn’t endure that.

Pakhi informs not to talk concerning Sai before her. Sonali tells due to Sai the day begins with battle and this house wants to box ring. Karishma discloses to Pakhi I can join you for shopping. Bhavani discloses to you need to satisfy your longings by taking her name.