Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Me 12 February 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Virat inquires as to whether she has kept the tickets and ID verification. Sai advises you can check,Virat tells this time you truly remembered anything. He discloses to you suspect as much about my relatives. Sai discloses to I realize something incorrectly occurred with Devyani. Virat reveals to I need to know to however I am worried about the possibility that that on the off chance that I ask her she will get more frantic. Sai tell do you realize whom would she say she is hitched to? For what reason does she continue to say my better half consistently? Virat advises I don’t know,earlier she used to be so cheerful. He discloses to Devyani isn’t hitched it’s all her reasoning. Sai thinks to converse with Pulkit about this in the wake of getting back from Ladakh.

Bhavani inquires as to whether all arrangements are finished? Pakhi tells yes she has stuffed a few sandwiches for Virat as he would not like to eat outside food. Pakhi tells Virat has said we will return in the wake of completing authority work.


Virat discloses to Bhavani the genuine explanation of this excursion is Samrat,Mansi bhua doesn’t leave her room nowadays.Virat reveals to Bhavani that Sai’s dad kicked the bucket and she had to wed me. I’m asking you doesn’t Sai merit a brief period away from this strain to quiet her brain a bit.




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