Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Me 11 February 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Sai tells I don’t mind who is doing the wrong,I consistently agree with right’s position. Sonali determines shouldn’t something be said about the mix-ups you do? She tells in the event that anything isn’t right in this house,it right? Virat asks Sonali how might she say something like this about Sai? Sai tells if Bhavani is capable she wouldn’t have grabbed food from Mohit,there are numerous alternate approaches to clarify.

She determines what sort of conduct is this house? All of you love one child yet you don’t allow other child to eat food. Sai tells I am not leaving from here till you complete the process of eating. Bhavani discloses to IPS Virat is presently under his significant other’s control. Virat tells grabbing food isn’t right. Mohit tells I am not ravenous. Bhavani discloses to Sonali you have picked up acting like your son,your love has made him like this. She advises Mohit to become capable he actually has time.


Mohit advises he will not have the option to eat. He tells Bhavani allowed me 7 days time to secure position and I have been giving meetings since most recent two days in any event, when I was sick. I didn’t go today as I was not feeling good thus I requested that Karishma cook for me. She advised me to eat in room since, supposing that anybody saw it will be a difficulty however I didn’t go in light of the fact that eating food in my own home will not reason any difficulty yet it


Virat reveals to Mohit you can eat whatever you want,wherever you need. Mohit advises you are saying as much yet Bhavani can’t bear me in this house. He tells possibly I was powerless in investigations yet I did all crafted by house when Virat and Samrat were occupied in this house,he gets passionate and Virat embraces him.

Bhavani discloses to I used to think you are an agitator however he did such decent acting and is grumbling about me to his sibling. Sai discloses to Mohit that in the event that you don’t eat,today nobody will eat. Virat tells whatever Sai did today is totally right,she is supporting this present relative’s who is ravenous and sick.


Pakhi tells whatever Sai does is for this present family’s acceptable. She reveals to Sai for what reason are you gazing at me like this,I am talking from your side. Sai tells I am understanding my mistake,I used to think you are taught yet you don’t have any information about existence and relations. Virat asks Pakhi wouldn’t you say you ought to pose a few inquiries to yourself? You are simply discovering reasons to insult her and on the off chance that you can’t hear her out insults you need to quit discovering approaches to affront her.

Sai advises Mohit to eat or she will take care of him strongly. Virat causes Mohit to plunk down and Sai takes care of him with her hands. Sai advises him to complete the food and not to cry any longer. Sonali discloses to Bhavani grabbed food from Mohit’s hand and you didn’t say a solitary word, would he say he is not your child?


Omkar tells Ninad and Bhavani control this house so regardless of whether I need to I can’t oppose them. Sonali determines what Sai did today ought to have been finished by us yet we were unable to do anything. Sonali tells I am not rejecting that Sai is mannerless yet how Sai helped my child today I really want to adulate her.

Pulkit hands test paper to everybody and wishes everybody best. Sai takes a gander at Pulkit and considers Devyani’s response on tuning in to his name. Pulkit thinks it Devyani is Sai’s sister-in-law,I need to get some information about her. Sai figures for what reason does Devyani think she is hitched. She recalls even Pulkit sir got upset on Devyani’s notice and got enthusiastic tuning in to her story. Pulkit thinks he needs to meet Devyani in the event that she is remaining in Chavan Nivas.

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