Ghum hai kisi ke Pyaar me 04 February 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Virat reveals to Sai nobody has ever taken care of me like this other than my Aai. Sai tells this implies I resemble your mom and you resemble my dad. The young lady awakens and asks who right? Sai tells I am his wife,little young lady calls her police waali didi. Sai asks Virat for what reason would he say he was cutting her call? The young ladies tells she was cutting the call as she was playing game.

Chavan family whenever stressed for Virat. Ashwini discloses to I will ask Sai where is Virat. Bhavani educates if Sai minded regarding him she would have been here,it’s so late and still she is resting in her room. Virat calls the patient’s sister to deal with Viji.Virat gets back with Sai. He inquires as to for what reason hasn’t everybody rested at this point? Ashwini expresses gratitude toward God. Virat inquires as to for what reason were this stressed? Ashwini says Pakhi was so strained she was telling your telephone is off so we all got strained. Ninad enlightens even Virat has failed to remember regarding rules. Sai determines what’s going on did we do? Virat was occupied in his obligation so I took nourishment for him. Ashwini reveals to Pakhi you might have asked Sai,uselessly you made such huge strain. Virat tells everybody it is now past the point of no return so let us all sleep.Sai wears his cap and takes his stick. She tells regardless of how brilliant criminal is they generally get captured. She requests that Virat come clean. Virat discloses to her I went to your college,Sai advises him be careful prior to lying from sometime later. Virat tells he comprehended and they gaze at one another as Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mai plays in BM.


Sai inquires as to for what reason did he lie? Virat advises I went to your school to discuss your school occasions consent with your senior member. Sai asks what did you tell Aniket? I revealed to you every little thing about him when you asked me. What’s more, besides you went to my school and when I came there you didn’t meet me rather you stowed away from me. She reveals to you know very well,I don’t lie and I don’t care for tuning in to Lies. Virat advises Sorry to her,she dozes furiously and discloses to DIG sir educated me about your whereabouts.


Sai and Ashwini are cooking in kitchen. Ashwini expresses gratitude toward Sai for dealing with Virat the previous evening. Read More….


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