Sai brings nourishment for Virat at the clinic. Virat asks how could she get some answers concerning his area. Sai tells in the event that you are a police officer,I am likewise police’s little girl so I discovered you. Virat reveals to Sai her this young lady’s dad’s name is Samrat.

Sai discloses to her dad will be well soon and even his sibling Samrat will return soon. Sai discloses to I brought nourishment for you as I probably am aware you haven’t ate anything since morning. She tells today you are occupied and we can’t break this young lady’s rest so I will take care of you.Bhavani tells there is a letter from Samrat’s office.

Virat tells he will join Pakhi in Ladakh. Ashwini requests that they book three tickets as Sai will likewise go with them now. Read More…..