Sai is cutting vegetables in kitchen,Ashwini inquires as to whether her rashes are alright? Sai tells yes they are OK now as you sent preparing soft drink for me. Ashwini tells Virat was in kitchen the previous evening and she discloses to Virat asked preparing soft drink for you. Virat assumed your liability however gradually he has begun really focusing on you. Sai tells yes he dealt with me,he gave me cream first and thn applied heating soft drink on my legs myself. Sai reveals to Ashwini Virat took care of me with his hands the previous evening. Pakhi catches this. Ashwini advises when individuals focus on others’ discussion they hurt themselves.Pakhi copies her fingers by contacting hot untensil,Ashwini tells this is the explanation I requested that you focus on your work.

Virat gets some information about Samrat’s whereabouts,he wishes to join the quest groups and search for Samrat himself. Brigadier denies him authorization and discloses to him they are making an honest effort to look and to expect great.

Bhavani tells this tea is so bad,who adds salt in tea? Sonali affronts Sai for making such tea. Sai attempts to tells I didn’t make it however all the individuals continue to affront her and doesn’t allow her to talk. Bhavani tells she ought to have gained from Pakhi. Ashwini tells the tea was made by your dear little girl in-law Pakhi not by Sai. She insults what happened now for what reason is everybody quiet at this point? Bhavani and Sonali shields Pakhi.Ashwini tells if Sai or Karishma committed this error you would have made it a major issue. She tells the manner in which you carry on with Pakhi you don’t do with some other girl in-law,there is a breaking point to favoritism. Bhavani tells there are tears in Pakhi’s eyes,her spouse is missing since so long with no news don’t you have sympathy for her? Ashwini tells if Pakhi commits an error it is ok,but if Sai or Karishma does this you get whole house on your head.

Virat sees a young lady crying close to street. He stops his jeep and inquires as to for what reason is the young lady crying? A man discloses to her dad left her some time back and hasn’t returned. She discloses to Virat her dad’s name is Samrat,will he discover her dad? Virat tells he will discover her dad. Virat orders for an hour ago’s CCTV film .Sai requests Pulkit for a book as all duplicates from that book are as of now sold. Pulkit gets a call so he gives keys of his storage to Sai to take the book. Sai unintentionally drops his journal from the storage however before she can take a gander at the photos inside Pulkit gets it.

Virat gets some information about her family. She advises it is just her dad. Virat guarantees her to discover her dad. Police officers educates Virat,Samrat swooned and a few men took her to city emergency clinic. Read More….