Ghum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Mein 4 June 2021 Written Update

Presently you need to forget your past as you began cherishing Sai. Virat says he was sorry to Pakhi as of now for how long they will keep contending on a similar subject. Today is Harini’s unique day so he came to call Pakhi. Pakhi says this day is extraordinary for Virat and Sai however what might be said about her.

Virat says why Pakhi is getting resentful about the past issue. Pakhi continues to yell he broke his guarantee and gave her place to Sai. She can’t excuse Virat for that. Virat blows up and Sai gets stunned seeing them together.Virat asks Sai what did she hear, she misconstrued him.

She says she isn’t. Ashwini strolls in to call them and seeing Sai’s outrage inquires as to whether Virat said anything. Sai says Virat hurt her. Virat says he just.. Sai says there is no requirement for any clarification.

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