Ninad and Omkar drink liquor. Omkar says Bhavani’s affection for Devyani is unsuitable. He has accomplished such a great deal for Bhavani, she put all the fault on me when she just advised me to execute the arrangement for catching Sai. Ninad persuades him saying Bhavani is likewise mother , perhaps her heart dissolve seeing Devyani.

Bhavani comes to kitchen and reveals to Sai she didn’t excuse her yet. She is just liking Sai for rejoining her with Devyani. Sai prods Bhavani saying She realizes she can’t win Bhavani’s trust without any problem. Sai says I am amazed to see your appreciation towards me. It irritates Bhavani. Sai at that point contrasts herself and Bhavani saying you comprehend my passionate as you resemble me. Later she tells Bhavani, you are predominant I know. Sai gives haldi milk to Bhavani as she yelled a ton. Sai leaves.

Pakhi reveals to Bhavani she needs to go to her maternal home to take her dad’s mark. Bhavani advises Virat to drop Pakhi at home. Pakhi says no need, Virat may get upset. Bhavani demands. Virat consents to drop her. Karishma says now its brilliant chance for Pakhi , she can invest energy with Virat. Sonali closes her. Pakhi accepts Sai is in school so she ought to go with Virat. Virat calls Sai meanwhile. Pakhi gets stunned. Sai reveals to Pakhi I can’t let Virat be, I am here to take care of him. Pakhi won’t go and comes up with rationalization that her folks have some pressing work. She will go tomorrow. Sai and Virat go to clinic for Virat’s examination. Bhavani feels why Sai doesn’t care for Pakhi.

Pulkit calls Sai and uncovers Devyani is so glad after Bhavani’s acknowledgment. She is taking a gander at the blessings, and the selfie also. Sai gets glad. Pulkit says issues among Bhavani and Devyani are addressed yet she is stressed for Devyani and Harini. Sai wishes all will be well soon. Devyani and Harini will become companions once more. She cuts the call and becomes mixed up in considerations. Virat sees her stressed face and asks her what occurred.

Karishma makes hotpotch, pickle, natural products for lunch. Seeing those dishes Sonali asks her for what good reason she made such light dishes, Bhavani dislike that. Pakhi comes and Karishma insults her idiom, Bhavani’s most loved bahu is currently Sai not Pakhi. Everything changed. Pakhi gets irritated. Bhavani comes and inquires as to why such dishes are made today. Pakhi says its your #1 bahu’s interest.

Virat demands Sai to share her concern. He advises her to swear on him. Sai uncovers about Harini how she isn’t prepared to acknowledge Devyani as her mom. Sai further says Devyani got hyper the manner in which Harini treated her that day. Sai says she advised Devyani to quiet down. Its to be sure a major issue for Devyani. Virat looks stressed. Sai brings birthday celebration stuffs, she expects that Virat will accomplish something uncommon for her birthday. Read More…