Ghum hai kisi k Pyaar Mein 20 June 2021 written update : Ashwini attempts to quiet her down and unintentionally calls phoolmati. Sai furious liberates her hair and says she would not like to prepare by any stretch of the imagination. Bhavani leaves requesting that they figure out their issues themselves. Sai reproves Virat for reprimanding her make up. Their nok jhok begins. She requests that he let her hair free as it suits her character. She says he is calling her jungli mulgi, she won’t go with him. He says he will go alone then, at that point. She inquires as to for what reason did he guarantee to bring her along. He inquires as to whether she truly doesn’t have any desire to come.

She says yes. He says alright and strolls to washroom. She blows up once more. He says he didn’t imply that. At last she consents to go with him and asks what will they blessing Pakhi’s folks. He says blossoms. She brings her saris and says she got them as wedding blessing and if it’s all the same to his family, they will blessing it to Pakhi’s folks. He says she can in the event that she needs to. She packs it’s anything but a crate and grins at him. He gazes at her and says let us go. She inquires as to whether he won’t change. He says he forgot in light of her. Their nok jhok proceeds.

Ghum hai kisi k Pyaar Mein 21 June 2021 written update

Sai clicks her and Virat’s selfie and says she will instruct him to click selfie from tomorrow. He educates that he is going on a mission as he will fell liable on the off chance that he sends another person in his place and something happens to them. Sai thinks imagine a scenario in which something happens to him.