Family is waiting for Sai. Sonali asks Bhavani to eat something, else she will get sick. Bhavani says she doesn’t want to eat anything. Pakhi tells Bhavani that she must eat. In morning, she didn’t eat properly either. Shivani asks Pakhi why she is treating Bhavani like a kid. When she can take care of the entire home, then she can take care of herself as well. Nothing will happen if she doesn’t eat one day. Mansi tells Shivani if she can’t reduce the stress, then she better shut herself. Virat comes and wonders what happened now. He calls out Sai. Bhavani says so he figured that the family is in tension and that’s because of Sai. He says that is why he is calling her, so he can end the drama. His Baba says so he thinks they purposely create drama? Virat says he didn’t mean

that, he is just calling Sai downstairs. Pakhi says she will come if she is in the house. Bhavani says she didn’t return from college yet and that’s why everyone is tensed. Virat gets shocked. Ashwini tells Virat that she thinks Sai is in some trouble and tells him to go and get her. He tries to call her, but Shivani says that they tried already. He wonders where she could go. Bhavani tells Virat that because of Sai, someone is going to get heart attack one day.
Sonali asks if she has any friend with whom she can go. Mohit says that he called the college and classes ended on time. Sonali asks whether he tried calling to Sai’s friend who seemed like a special friend… Ajinkya.

Virat stares at Sonali. Sonali asks whether she said anything wrong. Pakhi says he’s her dance partner as well. Yesterday too, he came to give a surprise. Only special friends do this. She said she has a group as well. Who knows she went out with them without telling anyone. Ashwini says they are discussing this since 3 hours and she had to wait to say all this when Virat comes? Pakhi says she’s just trying to help as she takes this family as her family. Mansi says she has all rights to say in the family matters. Virat calls Sai again, but her phone is switched off. He is getting worried as Sai went to college with a lot of money today. He’s afraid whether anyone robbed her. Pakhi asks why she needed that much money. She tells Virat that they share everything, so he must know. He says that he asked, but she didn’t tell. Sonali again adds fuel in the fire. Virat gets frustrated. Pakhi asks is this the way to talk to elders? They have right to know where house money went. Virat says most of the money was Sai’s scholarship money. He just gave some. She says he gave so much money and didn’t find out why she needed money?

The drama continues… Mohit’s wife complains to him that he doesn’t even let her buy a dress. Family members continue thinking where she could have gone. Bhavani says she must have turned her phone off purposely, so no one can catch her. Ashwini says she never does anything that she has to scare of anyone catching her. Virat says enough. He will go to find her himself. He opens the door and Sai comes. He asks Sai where she went without telling anyone. She says to let her in first. Pakhi, Bhavani attack on her. Bhavani says that she didn’t know she was irresponsible as well. Sonali and Baba join in now. Kaku asks where she went with so much money. Sai tells them to let her speak. Pakhi says she will tell. Read More………