Bhavani advises Sai to carry Pulkit to her she will chat with him. Sai inquires as to whether Pulkit demonstrates his honesty? She says if Pulkit demonstrates his honesty I will get him and Devyani wedded. Ashwini reveals to I generally believed you to be rock hearted yet the torment you are going through now demonstrates each mother really focuses on their kids.

Ninad reprimands Ashwini that she should cause Bhavani to comprehend as opposed to supporting her in an off-base choice. Bhavani stops him and tells I have consistently chided her yet today she is with me since she has more love for Devyani contrasted with me. Bhavani expresses gratitude toward Ashwini. Omkar determines what might be said about Virat?

Virat demonstrated to you that Pulkit is as of now wedded. Bhavani tells the letter possibly clearly false. Sai tells today Bhavani is thinking from her heart. She advises I am never reluctant to help the truth,Bhavani is prepared to allow to Pulkit and Devyani nothing else matters to me more. Bhavani discloses to I will chat with Devyani and enlighten her regarding this.

Sonali discloses to Omkar that Bhavani has gone frantic. Bhavani,Ashwini and Sai comes to meet Devyani. Sai discloses to Devyani that Bhavani has called Pulkit to the house and on the off chance that she discovers Pulkit is a decent individual she will get you hitched to him herself. Devyani asks Bhavani will she truly meet Pulkit? Bhavani tells I can’t see you in this condition,I am your mom so I can give in any event on opportunity to Pulkit. Devyani and Bhavani cry embracing one another.

Ashwini discloses to Sai not to reveal to Virat anything about Devyani’s condition since he will get stressed on his training.Sai has a go at calling Pulkit however he doesn’t get the call. Madhuri reveals to Pulkit instructs some helpless children in a training community however today he didn’t go there. Pulkit is seized and tied up.

Sai contemplates whether he is in any trouble.Pulkit attempts to free himself,his criminal comes and advises him to quit battling. Pulkit asks who is he and for what reason has he captured him? The hijacker tells I have been paid 5 lacs to abduct you. The ruffian gets a call from the customer however he doesn’t uncover his personality. Read More….