Ghum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Me 9 March 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Sai asks in school if her grant is here? The senior member reveals to I applied for two grants for you and the two of them has shown up. She lauds Sai and Sai figures now she will purchase a decent present for Devyani. Pakhi inquires as to whether Pulkit is as of now wedded. Virat explains for what reason would Pulkit go to the house on the off chance that he was at that point married?Virat thinks about Pakhi’s words. Pakhi advises now she have seen how to stop the marriage. Sai shows the pendant she brought for Devyani to Ashwini and she gives her a blessing. Ashwini inquires as to whether she brought anything for Virat or not. Sai tells that it is a shock.

Virat comes to bank for pulling out cash for Sai. He meets Madhuri there who presents herself as Pulkit’s sister. Virat asks how is Harini and he inquires as to whether she knows how Pulkit discovered Harini? Madhuri advises him to ask that to Pulkit himself. Ashwini keeps the icon of Lord Ganesha that Sai provided for her in temple.Bhavani tells the symbol is actually quite excellent and it probably been brought purchase somebody clever. Ashwini advises you are right,Sai brought this symbol. She tells she got her grant cash so she brought this present for me.


Sonali discloses to Bhavani that Sai didn’t bring anything for you. Sai tells we bring blessing just for those whom we love. Bhavani tells genuine affection is uneven. She asks Sai how will she manage her grant cash? Sai asks Bhavani how did she manage Devyani that her state of mind detoiroited like this? Bhavani blows up however Pakhi quiets her down. Sai discloses to Pakhi not to meddle in her work. Pakhi reveals to Bhavani she has something critical to talk.


Sai asks Pakhi is quiet today so she is certainly arranging something. Ashwini advises her to proceed to consider. Sai questions Pakhi’s activities. Sai places Virat’s blessing on table. Virat asks Sai what is this? Sai reveals to him not to upset her as she is considering. Virat opens the blessing box and it is a trick.




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