Scene begins with Virat saying its the main day of school for Sai so she needs to begin her by eating sweet. He gives her chocolate. Sai gets upbeat and she attempts to take chocolate from Virat it tumbles somewhere around botch. Virat says you more likely than not experienced so much agony due to gluing the chillies. He expresses gratitude toward her for doing it for his family and furthermore says sorry. Sai says no compelling reason to state sorry. Virat and Sai gaze at one another. Virat says he needs to be the piece of Sai’s excursion.

Bhawani converses with Pandit and afterward Karishma says Sai more likely than not experienced so much torment. Pakhi says when she disturbs us the entire day we endure her. At that point what is the issue If we gave her some work. She is narrow minded and she just thinks about her own fantasy and for her own family. Bhawani says just Pakhi can handle Sai. She can just tie the chime in her neck.

Shivani shows up at school and Sai gets astonished. Shivani says she needed to meet Sai. She asks how is Sai subsequent to getting along so much work ? Ashwini revealed to her beginning and end. Sai shows her hands and Shivani gets astonished. She tells that accompany me we’ll have some espresso and furthermore she reveals to Sai not to call her bua.

Shivani and Sai sit together and talk about Pakhi. Shivani says Virat thinks about Pakhi to an extreme. There’s no need of it. She likewise says why Sai brought Pakhi back. Sai says she did all these in light of the fact that Virat thinks about Pakhi. Virat was harmed. Shivani says yet for how long things will proceed with like this.

Virat recalls Sai. Here, Sai says she needs to focus on examinations as it were. She will take off from the house after certain years. Shivani says don’t state this way. You can’t locate an adorable spouse like Virat. He thinks about you to such an extent. He has changed all the standards in his home just for you. Sai recollects all the sweet minutes she went through with Virat. She grins.

Bhawani begins insulting Sai that before sandhya aarti bahu ought to be inside the house. Yet, Sai is defying all the guidelines and god realizes what’s going on with she. Demolishing our status. Ashwini comes and says she isn’t destroying anything, she is just satisfying her fantasy about turning into a specialist. She advises Bhawani to stop her gabbing. Bhawani says Shivani also is defying guidelines and going outside without illuminating anybody. Its the impact of remaining with Sai. Pakhi upholds Bhawani. Ashwini says Sai shows nothing incorrectly. She impacts individuals for good as it were.

Sai says she needs to arrive at home as quickly as time permits. Shivani says no one is sitting tight for her in the house. An individual comes out of nowhere and gets sentimental with Shivani. Sai thinks he is an irregular person. She gets hyper and begins yelling at him by saying how could you do that with Shivani. You improper. I am the spouse of an IPS official. He will capture you. Shivani stops her and says and he is her beau. They are dating one another. Sai says sorry to Amay. Amay says I was never invited this way.

Virat gets stressed for Sai and video calls her. Sai didn’t get it as Shivani prevents her from doing as such as Virat can see her beau. She calls Virat. Sai says for what reason did you call me? Would you like to see my face. Virat says I need to see your harmed hands. Virat again attempts to converse with her through video call. Sai gets it by heading outside and shows her hands as it were. Virat for what reason are you demonstrating you hands. Sai says you needed to see my hands as it were. Virat gets amazed and furthermore requests taking her out for supper. Sai says like this she can’t eat. Virat is very despondent hearing all these. Sai cuts the call. Read more…