Ghum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Me 30 April 2021 Written Updates

Pulkit’s girl Harini comes and gets disturbed seeing Devyani playing with her toys. She grabs toys from Devyani. Devyani begins crying and says its mine. Who right? Harini says it’s my home, I will not leave. Devyani continues to say I need my Mickey. Harini inquires as to for what reason will I give my toys. She calls Pulkit daddy. Devyani gets shocked and asks Pulkit we have a little girl also? Pulkit tells that Harini is Devyani’s girl.

Devyani gets excited realizing Harini is her little girl. Devyani says I thought I wont have the option to discover my little girl however I am glad that you brought her back. Harini gets irritated. Devyani hits the dance floor with Harini and her guardian discloses to Harini that Devyani is Pulkit’s significant other and her mom. Harini erroneously gets injured while Devyani was playing with her. Harini pushes Devyani. Devyani begins crying. Read more……….



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