Scene begins with Sai watching news. Columnist says noone is harmed at this point however terminating sound can be heard. Sai appeals to God for Virat. Her flat mate kills the TV. Sai says for what reason did you do that? its the lone way she can think about Virat.

Sai says I ought to have gotten his call. She cries. Flat mate says you are a cop’s significant other , its his work. The manner in which you are acting you will before long pardon your better half. Sai gets stunned and considers everything.

Ashwini gets frantic at Pakhi saying for what reason will you call Virat when he suffers a heart attack. You are no one to him. Pakhi says he just tossed Sai out. Ashwini gets frantic at her colloquialism she will not separate Virat and Sai if Sai returns. Pakhi gets stunned.

Sai petitions God for Virat and gets sorrowful. She says she has noone in this world with the exception of Virat. She will be left alone if something happens to him. He has accomplished such a great deal for her. He ought to be protected.

Virat sees one of his kindred officials is going to get shot. He reviews Sai’s dad’s passing and to save that official Virat takes the projectile. Columnist says mission is effective yet one official is seriously harmed. Sai and Chavans hear the news and get stressed for Virat.

Bhavani and Ashwini petition God for him. Sai begins getting hyper. She attempts to call Virat however its turned off. Her flat mate advises her to quiet down saying Virat is fine. He will call her after some time. She advises Sai to close her eyes and consider Virat.

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Virat praises his colleagues for the mission’s prosperity. He swoons, officials attempt to awaken him. He checks the telephone recalling Sai. However, he neglects to call her. Sai yells Virat and she thinks I trust Virat sir is fine , for what reason hasn’t he called me till now? Sai again calls Virat however subinspector gets and says Virat got shot.

Sai gets stunned and before she could know in which emergency clinic Virat is conceded, Virat’s telephone gets turned off because of low battery. Sai thinks Virat is irate with her perhaps as she didnt converse with him and cut the call. Yet, she will know in any case he is protected or not.

Pakhi gets subinspector’s call. She says she is Virat’s companion. What befell him? Last says Virat needs to converse with his significant other. Pakhi says she isn’t here. We are his family we reserve the privilege to realize how is he? Read More…….