Sai seeing Usha and others’ dismal appearances. Sai says I need your favors. Everybody says Sai will arrive at statures. Usha gets passionate saying how might Sai have the option to deal with everything all alone in Nagpur. Sai says her dad is with her consistently. She gets strength from him. Usha says my favors are consistently with you. Pari says bye to Sai and she embraces her. Sai advises everybody to deal with Usha. Prior to letting she feels be and looks for her dad’s endowments, she figures she would not like to think back at this point.

Pakhi makes tea. Ashwini asks her I revealed to you you’ll let Virat be. Why you went there. Ashwini says she will deal with Virat in Sai’s nonappearance. Ashwini cautions Pakhi not to draw near to Virat. Pakhi remains calm.

Virat is left broken. He reviews Sai’s words. He asks Ashwini will Sai at any point return? Ashwini says she is confident for that. Virat says you can expect her return yet I can’t. Ashwini says you hurt her dignity, yet I know Sai , when she will become acquainted with that you are truly blameworthy she will pardon you. Virat embraces Ashwini. He says Sai truly adores you a great deal, she thinks of you as her genuine mother. Ashwini separates and says I am likewise missing Sai. She advises Virat to appeal to God for Sai’s return. It will require some investment however Sai will be back without a doubt.

Sai meets Pulkit in school. Pulkit asks her for what reason you returned? Sai lies. Pulkit says he realizes Sai was in Gadchiroli. Pulkit says Devyani and I were truly stressed for you. You didn’t illuminate us prior to leaving. Sai gets some information about Devyani. Pulkit says assuming Sai really focuses on Devyani, why she didn’t go to Pulkit’s home that day. Pulkit adds Virat said he went to Gadchiroli to bring you back yet you didn’t come. Sai says Virat just disclosed to you how he battled to look for a statement of regret yet he didn’t reveal to you how he abused me and tossed me out.

Indeed, even a poor person has sense of pride. Pulkit says it doesn’t mean you will break your marriage with Virat. Sai says there’s nothing between us. Pulkit says he noticed torment in Virat’s eyes. Virat really focuses on Sai. Pulkit discloses to Sai why you are harmed on the off chance that you don’t think about Virat as your adored one or your significant other. Sai says why Pulkit is agreeing with Virat’s position, when Virat offended him too. Pulkit says Virat confessed his mix-up and apologized to him, he isn’t care for different individuals from the family. Sai should give him one possibility. Sai says Virat just realizes how to hurt somebody. She needs to avoid him.

Virat comes ground floor and Ninad says where is he going? Virat says he is going on a mission. He can’t reveal the mission subtleties. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t confide in his family. Bhavani says they reserve the privilege to think about it. Virat says I am on my obligation, you know how it works. Bhavani asks Virat does he actually accept they are on the whole answerable for the setback. They didn’t prevent Sai from coming. Read more……..