She inquires as to for what reason didn’t he advise her that his main goal got dropped. He says he needed to amaze her. She says she is truly glad seeing him, however missed his family insulting her over and over; inquires as to for what reason was his central goal dropped. He says when he left for mission, he saw her miserable face, yet presently when he returned, even presently she doesn’t appear to be content. She says there are numerous other people who might be glad seeing him back.

He says in case she is unsettled, he won’t converse with her. She says he shouldn’t then, at that point. He shows a gift box. She asks whom did he bring it for. He says a harsh gourd juice drinking young lady Sai. She gets glad and seeing ruby pendant and hoops says they are truly beautiful. He helps her desire to remember purchasing a red ruby set one day.

She says she said actually that way, on the off chance that he recollected that it. He jokes that his grin is actually similar to chavanprash, that is the reason a drained cop gets new and lively seeing her grin. She grins more.Saki wears pendant and inquires as to whether its delightful. He says yes. She asks what did he bring for other people. He says he didn’t.

She eliminates it saying his family will insult her. Karishma seeing her wearing exorbitant pendant inquires as to whether she got it. Sai says Virat gifted it, leaving Chavan family smoldering in envy.