The current scene begins with Bhavani tells Pakhi, Sonali and Karishma that Sayi won’t ever be her #1 Bahu.


Virat’s primary care physician checks his test reports and affirms that Virat is recuperating quick and he will be fit and fine inside 3-4 days.

Sayi gets glad however Virat isn’t. Virat recommends Sayi that they ought to counsel a second specialist as he isn’t feeling good.


Virat begins swooning and feeling uncomfortable as he acts before Sayi.

Sayi understands Virat’s dramatization and panics him with the reptile.


Virat feels upset while Sayi admonishes Virat for doing dramatization.

Sayi advises Ashwini about visiting Pulkit while here Bhavani admonishes Karishma for preparing Sayi’s number one dull food.


Bhavani reports to everybody that Sayi won’t ever be her number one Bahu while Ashwini educates Bhavani about Virat and Sayi going to eat outside and will return home late.

Pakhi gets vexed while Ashwini deliberately reminds everybody that they all consideration about Sayi’s whereabouts that is the reason they are discussing her in her nonappearance.

Very energized Virat and Sayi visit Pulkit when Pulkit acquaints Harini with Virat.


Virat and Sayi meet Harini

Virat gets mournful eyes as Harini calls him Mamu yet she isn’t prepared to acknowledge that Devyani is her mom.

Virat and Sayi cheer up Harini by giving her blessings and chocolates.

All things being equal. Harini acts mischievously with Devyani when Devyani energetically tells about Harini’s birthday arrangements.

Harini leaves while Devyani winds up crying sharply.

Sayi and Virat reassure Devyani, and Pulkit. While Pulkit is disturbed, Sayi mollifies him convincing Harini will before long acknowledge Devyani.



Sayi reports a birthday celebration for Harini and requests that Bhavani admit reality to the family.


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