Ghum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Me 26 April 2021 Written Update

gum hai

Scene begins with Virat taking represent Sai. Virat says how would you understand what Sai will do? Is it true that you are conduct master? Pakhi says you got visually impaired, Sai is exploiting that. She is playing with your sentiments. You apologized to her however she didn’t excuse you. Be that as it may, Sai isn’t totally guiltless. However, she is attempting to trap Virat so he feels more remorseful.

Virat says wow you dissected Sai’s character so well however being her better half I know nothing about her. He applauds. Ashwini enlightens Virat neglect regarding them. Attempt to discover way so Sai returns. Virat says Sai will have returned to Nagpur to proceed with her examinations. We will not strongly bring her. She ought to excuse me when she will want to do it.


Ashwini says I will persuade Sai. Virat says I don’t need Sai to return by conflicting with her will. Ninad says Virat used to say Sai is his simple responsiblity so he couldn’t care less about her much. Virat says you actually don’t comprehend her significance. However, my feelings about her completely changed.


Bhavani says you are reprimanding your family for that Sai. Sai caught you well indeed. Ashwini cries saying relatives should uphold each other during difficult stretches. Be that as it may, Virat’s family isn’t in any event, attempting to sympathize with Virat’s torment. Mohit says Sai will be back soon. Karishma says imagine a scenario in which Sai won’t ever returned. Ashwini says to Karishma if same thing happens to you what befell Sai will you be cheerful?

Bhavani says Virat can’t comprehend their anxiety for him. Virat says I can get it how all of you are feeling. You need to praise directly as Sai at last went out. Try not to shroud your satisfaction. Bring desserts and disperse to everybody. He offers cash to Karishma. Ninad says Virat is offending them. Virat says you are feeling offended for such little thing , think how Sai should feel when I abused her. Bhavani says you are spellbound by Sai’s appeal.


Virat says he will not pardon his family for whatever they did to Sai. Sai didn’t merit it. Ashwini says to Virat you are as of now blameworthy , Sai will return back to you. Virat says I need to hang tight for her now. Noone will say anything to her. Pakhi attempts to go behind Virat when he leaves. Ashwini stops her and says let him be. Try not to ask him any inquiries. He is completely broken. He has dread of losing Sai.

Sai goes to Barkha’s home and gets astounded seeing her honors and awards. She commends Barkha’s ability. Barkha says dance is everything for her. Barkha serves food to Sai. Sai gets passionate reviewing Ashwini. Barkha asks her what occurred. Sai says she acted with Ashwini discourteously that day.


Sai says I lost my mom at an early age however I comprehend mother’s adoration when I became acquainted with Ashwini. Sai feels pitiful for not finding the opportunity to meet Ashwini. That day additionally Ashwini brought nourishment for her when Virat tossed her out. In any case, she wouldn’t eat. Read more……..

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