Sai ponders Pulkit’s voice note and starts crying,she considers Pulkit coming into Chavan Nivas and telling before everybody that he wedded Devyani and he adores her a ton. She recalls Virat supporting the marriage and battling with everybody for Devyani’s joy to later discovering Sangita’s name as Pulkit’s significant other in his document.

Ashwini brings nourishment for Sai and advises her to quit crying. Sai advises Ashwini to excuse her as she made a major mistake,she tells everybody advised me so often not to trust Pulkit yet I didn’t tune in to anybody. I slice your telephone and went to police headquarters I am sorry you may have felt terrible.

Ashwini tells yes I felt awful however your tears are harming me more and feeds Sai with her hands. Sai requests pardoning again,Ashwini advises her to ask absolution not from her but rather from Devyani on the grounds that you raised her dead expectations and the outcome is infront of you.

Bhavani tells now Sai is on line. Ninad discloses to Bhavani that she made an awesome arrangement. Omkar tells he got apprehensive when Sai planned to police headquarters yet Ninad dealt with that as well. Bhavani tells today when Sai acknowledged that we are right I felt excellent and now we can observe Holi like each year. The hijackers are drinking alcohol,Pulkit attempts to bring his telephone close to him.

Sai asks absolution from Devyani and reveals to I needed to give you hapiness however I raised your expectations by bringing Pulkit back. Sai comes clean with in the event that I tell I couldn’t say whether Pulkit is straightforward or an extortion so I am simply trusting that Virat sir will return and discover reality.

Pulkit figures out how to carry his telephone inside his pen with incredible trouble utilizing his legs. Pulkit sees messages shipped off Sai from his telephone and acknowledges he had been abducted to demonstrate him extortion and acknowledges he has been grabbed by Chavan family.

Pulkit figures Sai wouldn’t accept another content from him so he sends her a video. Sai gets a video message from Pulkit lastly discovers that Pulkit has been abducted. The hijackers discover that Pulkit has his telephone. Sai chooses to show the video to Bhavani and reveal to her that Pulkit didn’t flee rather he has been captured. Dadu erases the recordings from Pulkit and Sai’s telephone. Read more……..