Sai carries Madhuri to Pulkit’s vehicle. Ankit discovers Pulkit’s wallet and sack inside the vehicle. Madhuri tells at whatever point Pulkit leaves the vehicle he takes his wallet first,he should be in some difficulty if his wallet is here. Sai determines imagine a scenario where somebody got Pulkit for powerfully. Sai tells his vehicle resembles this on street and somebody is sending messages from his telephone or somebody is constraining him to send them.

Madhuri asks do you mean somebody has hijacked Pulkit? Ninad asks Ashwini where is Sai? Bhavani asks did she go to Pulkit’s home to meet Madhuri? Ankit advises we ought to gripe to police,something incorrectly may have occurred with Pulkit.

Ashwini calls Sai and asks her where right? Sai reveals to her she discovered Pulkit’s car,she tells that Pulkit’s vehicle was on street since two days and plainly Pulkit has been grabbed. Bhavani murmurs Ashwini to ask Sai where right? Ashwini tells Madhuri and Pulkit are playing with you and acting so I am mentioning you so kindly return home. Sai tells I am certain since somebody has seized Pulkit and I will get back in the wake of recording an objection. Omkar tells if police gets included they may contact us while exploring.

Bhawani advises we need to prevent Sai from arriving at police headquarters in any case. Ninad tells the ruffian that Sai will police headquarters. Dadu tells now you can relax,I will oversee everything. The ruffian advises Pulkit to record a voice message for him or he will slaughter him. Sai arrives at the police headquarters with Madhuri and advises we simply need to document a missing objection and I know the DIG actually. The hijackers give an infusion to Pulkit and request that he coordinate or they will hurt his family.

Sai gets a voice note from Pulkit and advises I don’t need you to contact me and Devyani’s section is shut for me and I have told over and over that I can’t come infront of you and I demand you to not include police in this matter. Madhuri explains for what reason is this happening,why would Pulkit do this? Sai contemplates whether Ninad and Omkar were coming clean? Sai chooses not to document a police grumbling.

Omkar tells our arrangement might have destroyed due to that vehicle. Dadu advises he was paid to seize Pulkit not to deal with the vehicle. He requests more cash and he will deal with the vehicle. Dadu becomes inebriated and Pulkit’s telephone falls on the ground from table. Sai returns home,Ashwini asks would you say you are alright?

Bhavani advises you are this current family’s head.She went to police headquarters without illuminating the elderly folks. Sai tells she didn’t discover an objection since she got a voice admission from Pulkit. Ninad and Omkar asks so do you trust us now? Sai tells I can’t conclude who is correct and who isn’t right I simply need Virat to return and discover reality. Read More……