Pakhi says she realized Virat went on a hazardous mission, for what reason did she conceal it from them. Mohit says Virat can’t uncover about his central goal to them, they ought to simply petition God for his protected return. Ashwini stressed says Samrat additionally went on a comparative mission and didn’t return.

Bhavani shouts at her to quit thinking awful, nothing will happen to Virat. Ashwini says Sai is likewise not here. Bhavani hollers even now she is pondering Sai, for what reason didn’t she return when Virat went to take her. Ashwini says for what reason will Sai lose her sense of pride. Sonali inquires as to whether she implies they don’t have self esteem. Ninad hollers that they didn’t failed to remember how Sai offended them before neighbors. Pakhi says they ought to address virat and calls him. Ashwini grabs telephone from her and asks how might she be so stupid and call Virat when he is on a particularly risky mission.

Virat is shot by fear based oppressors. Sai calls Virat and is educated that he is shot. She surges towards clinic. Read More……..